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At the moment, global warming is becoming more and more complex and unpredictable. The Earth’s temperature rising lead to many natural phenomena unusual. A lot of disasters occur more frequently with stronger intensity than before. For example, in 2017, Vietnam suffered 16 typhoons and 6 tropical depressions, more than in 2013 (with   13 typhoons and 6 tropical depression) (Tran Quang Hoai, 2016). Since then, humans see clearly is the change of environment, weather and influence of global warming.

Global warming affects not only human’s life but also erosion, animal’s life. Especially, ice is melting worldwide, and the Earth’s poles, where phenomena are the strongest. Moreover, ice sheets covering West Antarctica and Greenland, and Arctic sea ice are melting. As the result, the sea level has been rising more quickly than the last century and habitat of species of animal decline sharply. Therefore, animals such as penguins on Antarctica where their numbers have fallen from 32,000 breeding pairs to 11,000 in 30 years, and some butterflies, foxes, and alpine plants have moved to farther north or to higher, cooler areas. From the mid-1980s, with less ice on which to live and fish for food, polar bears have gotten considerably skinnier (Effects of Global Warming, 2017). Besides, if these effects continue to occur, perhaps a lot of animals and ecosystems on Earth will disappear forever.

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Moreover, those disappearances cause an imbalance in the ecosystem, and it also directly affects humans. Global warming is the cause of natural disasters all the world. Especially, double disasters tsunami and earthquake in Japan in 2011 had 16,000 people have been killed, more than 2,000 missing and at least 3,200 dead in evacuation. Until now, nearly 230,000 people are still living in temporary and only 19 percent of the 30,000 public houses have been built (Thoa Pham, 2015). In addition, having a variety of strong hurricanes was created by abnormal weather condition, they cause severe damage to the human being. For instance, in 2013, Super Typhoon Haiyan landed in the Philippines. Consequently, more than 16 million people were affected, 6,000 death toll, 4.1 million displaced and 2.5 million missing. Moreover, not only typhoon Haiyan brings about the damage to people that this stormy destroyed 1.2 million homes and half that was completely destroyed. The number of homes lost in the affected area is up to 90 percent (Alyssa Cogan, 2013). Since then, it is not surprising that effects of global warming have become increasingly apparent, and these effects are best manifested in natural disasters and unusual weather conditions. If human does not have a solution to this problem, they will destroy not only species of animals and ecosystem of Earth but also human’s life and civilization.

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