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       Assignment1: Alignment of HRM and Business Strategies MarinaTabronHRM 530 – StrategicHuman Resource Management Dr.

Obioma Iwuanyanwu1/21/2018           Human resource strategyof Marriott Alignment between human resource strategy and business strategyMarriott International, Inc. is aleading lodging company based in Bethesda, Maryland, USA. The company pursuesthe core values of putting people first, pursuing excellence, embracing change,acting with integrity and serving our world.

These core values are the strengthof the company and have enabled it to be the number one in the hospitalityindustry. The vision of the company is to be the best hospitality company in theworld. The company works on the strategy of combining the unique culture of thecompany with the extensive portfolio of the global brands, a customer focusedsales organization, tremendous loyalty towards the guests and a broaddistribution of hotels at a multiple price points. To successfully function onthis strategy Marriott International, Inc.

has always adopted the culture ofputting its people first (Marriott, 2012). A lodging company can be successfulin its business strategy only if it able to successfully integrate the humanresources in the business strategy to achieve the goals of the organization.Marriott should aim at hiring the best talent in the industry and should focuson the training and development of the human resources.

No compromise can bemade in regard to the customer services which would require the formation ofcustomer oriented behavior among the human resources. The business shouldcontinue to value diversity and inclusion to be a global leader in the industry(Armstrong, 2008).HR job positions and responsibilitiesThere are number of job positionsin the human resources department of an organization.

Some of the job positionsand their responsibilities in the human resources department of MarriottInternational, Inc. are as follows. Director, HumanResourcesThe Director, Human Resources leadsthe human resource department and oversees all the operations of the department(Marriott, 2013). Direct, PersonnelServicesThe Director, Personnel Servicesassists the director of human resources in executing the strategies that serveto attract, retain and develop the diverse premiere talent in the hotel.Human resources coordinatorThe human resource coordinator isresponsible for timely recruitment, administration and training of employees inaccordance with the strategic goals and mission of the company.  He/she is expected to coordinate and implementthe human resources programs and initiatives.

Human resourcesmanagerThe human resource manager workswith the human resource associates to carry out the daily activities of thehuman resources office including recruitment, training, compensation etc. He/sheis also required to ensure that the HR services are in accordance with the lawand operating procedures of Marriott International.Assistant trainingmanager The assistant training managertries to ensure that all the training related activities are in accordance withthe mission and vision of the company.

The assistant training manager workswith the training manager and the department heads to assess the training needsand develop the training programs.Human ResourceAssociatesThe human resource associatesexecute all the activities of the human resource department as per theguidelines of their managers (Marriott, n.d.).

Some other job positions are HRRelations Officer, Human Resource Assistant, Director of Learning andDevelopment, Human Resource Assistant etc (Marriott, 2013).Preferable HR job positionThe preferable HR job position isthat of the Human Resource Manager because he/she is involved in the day to dayhuman resource activities like recruitment, training etc. which provides anopportunity to interact with people that enables oneself to move ahead in thecareer especially in the area of human resources ((Marriott, n.d.).

HRM strategies to improve competitive advantageThe human resource management (HRM)strategies are the guidelines designed to manage the human resources in such amanner so that the company is able to achieve its strategic goals. MarriottInternational, Inc. is the leader in the hospitality industry. The companyworks for the people through its people. To improve the competitive advantagein the industry the company should develop high performance management HRstrategies to make an impact on the performance of the organization byimproving the performance of the people in terms of productivity, quality,customer service etc. High performance management practices would require rigorousrecruitment, selection, training and development of the employees to bring outtheir optimum performance. The organization should develop a proper rewardsystem based on the performance to motivate the employees to give in their bestto the organization.

The organization should work towards the establishment ofhigh-performance work systems (HPWS) (Armstrong, 2008).   Ways to increase diversitySince its establishment in 1927Marriott has always valued diversity and inclusion of all the associates. Beingin the hospitality industry provides all the more opportunities to Marriott tointroduce diversity. The hotel can introduce diversity in the following ways.            Marriotthas always promoted the recruitment, retention and advancement of women andminority employees in the company to promote diversity.Due to the international operationsMarriott has huge opportunities to integrate the talents and cultures ofdifferent communities by employing people from more diverse cultures andbackgrounds.

The diverse owner, guest andsupplier base will help to introduce diversity in the operations. Diversity inthe Board of Directors of Marriott will further help in valuing diversity inthe company (Marriott, 2013).         ReferencesArmstrong, M. (2008).Strategic human resource management 4th ed. Philadelphia, USA: KoganPage US.Gerhart, B.

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