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Imagine waking up every
day and not having the ability to control your mood swings or emotions. A
person who suffers a disorder doesn’t have the option to turn on or off their
feelings and emotions. Like many other disorders, Depression is a serious
mental illness which could affect a person’s mood, thoughts, and behavior. There’s
a lack of knowledge in society about mental disorders and many are not aware of
the symptoms or causes of these mental disorders.  I chose to write about major depressive
disorder to help provide common facts, symptoms, and to inform how obtain and seek
treatment for this mental disorder.

lifelong health condition is the leading cause of disability worldwide. There
are many types of depressive disorder, and all have similar symptoms that can
affect individuals differently. This common mental disorder can affect people
in all countries, all ages, religions, and cultures. In the past, people would
think of depression as a person having off balance hormones or simply just
being sad. Anxiety and Depression Association of America recorded that major depressive
disorder is currently affecting 16.1 million American adults. (ADAA, 1979). Most people are not
aware they have a mental disorder, some do not know what is depression, not
many are aware of the seriousness of a mental disorder and misunderstanding the
condition can be harmful. Ole Theinhaus, MD
professor of psychiatry at the University of Arizona in Tucson states that “genetic
predisposition to depression is becoming better understood and might explain
why one person becomes depressed and another doesn’t, A family history of
depression matters, but it’s not always the only factor.” (Thienhaus,
 According to the American Journal of
Psychiatry images of studies of the brain can possibly show some of the
structures and brain circuits that work differently when a person is depressed.
(Phillips, 2015). Like many disorders not many can
control or understand what is happening to their mind or body. Although depression
is a normal reaction to a loss of a family member or friend, life’s stress,
struggle and even lack of self-esteem but when those feelings become
overwhelming they can hold you back from living a normal life and become life

Major depressive disorder
also known as depression is the most common mental disorder.  People who suffer a mood disorder develop a
cluster of symptoms that might contribute to deep depression. These symptoms
consist of constantly feeling sad or loss of interest in activities. Depression
is a very irritable feeling and for people who suffer a mental disorder may not
know how to handle or control the changes within their body. The feeling takes
over the body and mind which can become an issue because some feel they need to
distance themselves from family and friends. A child who grows up in an abusive
situation will more than likely suffer depression and won’t understand what is
happening until later, in adult life. A teenager who might experience a tragic
situation might form depression and will begin to act out, sometimes violently
towards others and may become anti-social. Many adults and young adults might even
experience symptoms that lead to issues concentrating, remembering details or information,
making decisions become complicated and the feeling of guilt, and worthlessness
can take over your thoughts. Some individuals might even experience loss of
interest in hobbies, social gatherings and including sex. There are times depression
not only affects the mind, but it can also affect the human body. These
symptoms include overeating; when a person is feeling sad or down binge eating
helps with coping, while others will have no appetite or interest to eating, some
might suffer severe headaches or migraines, others may suffer issues with the
stomach, develop shortness in breathing and lack of physical activity. Symptoms
that contribute to depression are one of the worst things that can happen to person.
All symptoms vary, some might experience a lack of self-esteem, no self-control
and insomnia. Depression is known to carry a high risk of suicide, or thoughts
of suicide. If someone has thoughts or is considering suicide, seeking
treatment will be the best option for that person.  

When someone is
dealing with a mental condition staying positive might be the best advice a
person can give to them but there are times when the symptoms become too
overwhelming and uncontrollable that the next step an individual should take, is
seeking treatment. Treatment for depression is available for people who
struggle with depression. Some who suffer from a mental illness are not always sure
where to start, some are not sure that they even suffer from a disorder. At
some point seeking professional help from a psychiatrist might want to be one
of the first things considered if you have concerns about your mental health. There’s
not a specific depression or blood test that can be taken but a doctor can
evaluate your symptoms and often starts with your health history and a
psychical exam. A doctor will want to know when did the symptoms begin, how
long have the symptoms occurred, what level and how severe are the symptoms, they
might want to know if there is history of mental illness in the family. After
being diagnosed a psychiatrist might ease the depression with antidepressants.
Antidepressants are used to ease depression. The chemicals in medicines are
used to balance the brain. The writer of Signs,
Symptoms, & Treatment of Depression mentions that there are three known
chemicals in the brain that function to regulate mood. The common chemicals are
norepinephrine, serotonin, and dopamine. People who struggle with depression
may have abnormally high or low neurotransmitters. Different types of
antidepressants help with functioning these levels in the brain. (Rain, 2013) There are several
methods for overcoming depression. Lias Lemm, author of the book Depression: 66 Best Methods to overcome
depression once and for all, states that overcoming depression starts in
your head. Everything you do, you control with your throughs. Depression is a disease
that is not immediately obvious to outsiders. In depression you have no control
of your thoughts which tend to steer towards the negative. He suggested that
thinking positivity is a correct method, but also a way of life. (Lemm, 2017) A positive attitude
can help to curing a disease such as depression and many other physical
illnesses. Some might seek treatment in therapy sessions, group sessions or
meditation. Others might consider obtaining a diary to write out their feelings
and thoughts, or working out to release stress. Some researchers have suggested
that gratefulness can have positive effects on those struggling with depression
and by combining journaling and gratitude, ie: a gratitude journal, people can
begin to see patterns of positive things in their lives. Aside from the typical
treatment, lifestyle changes can help with beating depression.  For example, start by changing your
surroundings to a positive environment, setting goals, keeping yourself busy,
and being thankful. Based off the book Signs,
Symptoms, & Treatment of Depression, author Amber Rain acknowledges
that recent studies show that receiving and giving thanks in life can make you
a happier person. Being grateful for the positive things you have in life can
also help finding happiness in your life. (Rain, 2013)   Since depression plays a big part of your
thoughts willpower can help dissolve negative thoughts. Treatment doesn’t
technically have to be chemically infused, treatment can consist of something as
small and simple as gratitude, simply being grateful and appreciative for your

Major depressive
disorder is a very serious disease. Many individuals who suffer from this
disease may not be aware of the seriousness and may not know where to begin
seeking help.  After reviewing
information about major depressive disorder there is so much that people in the
world can do to contribute to helping others. Part of the problem lies with the
stigma that many people feel when seeking help for these types of disorders.
One of the ways that we can all aid in helping others to seek treatment is to
create an environment where it is not only normal to talk about depression but
encouraged within families and social groups. Depression is a serious mental
illness, but lives can be saved if people begin to enhance their knowledge with
knowing what can cause depression, facts about the disorder, common symptoms to
look out for and learn how to help others who do suffer from depression, seek
treatment. Although some may have difficulties overcoming a mental disorder,
there is a possibility that depression can be beaten. It might take some time
and many different strategies may need to be tried before finding the right
healing process. If a person has the right treatment and a strong love and
support team, depression can transform into a learning process, another chapter
in life and help individuals gain strength. Life is difficult and we all go
through struggles and obstacles but the real test in life is having patience
and staying positive.




















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