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“Big data” is associated with any storage
challenges and opportunities that address the working hard capability for Many
organizations. Experts in industrial estimated that, for every 18 months of time
the volume of data is getting doubled and new data is produced in the field of
the business. There are many issues belongs the massive database for an MasterCard
International ( More than 1.8 petabytes of growth is formed
because of the experts of the company insiders and size is of more than 100-terabytes
of data is amassed by MasterCard data ware house. Around 25,000 institutions by
financial has been provided may credit card like 140 million credit cards per
an hour by using the client/server network for MasterCard’s data warehouse WALL08.
By the end of the 2007 there was $2.3 trillion transactions means around 18.7
billion transaction networks for the MasterCard’s worldwide.

MasterCard’s has a high speed of accessing and
response time of around 140 milliseconds per each transaction or less than 140, that the clients can expects the computers to be fast. The settles,
authentication and clears of each credit card is done by the computers of the
master card with in a millisecond when the card is swiped in real word entity.  Master cards   computer facility authorizes, clears, and
settles each credit card transaction in real time as a cardholder’s credit card
is swiped. Security is most considered issue for clients while performing the transaction
and storing data in the database. Master card company had promise to provide Network
availability of around 99.99% during the failure system crash and the redundancy
of the data in the systems. To make master card more expandable and profitable,
company has to impress the clients with may services and by launching new
products every year. The most important thing to get issued is by increasing
the number of clients and the volumes of the credit cards. The services must be
increased by extending customer care services and to reduce the issues during
the transactions, especially during the payment and purchases on online sites.
The customer satisfaction is more important to increase the volume of the
credit card. To be more competitive with the similar services provided by the
other credit cards like Visa, American Express, Discover and many more Master Card
needs to be update system software and make more responsive employers. And to
attract the customers Master Cards must increase the services like office, branches
etc. It must be best way for providing a good service for the business partner
for the clients.

Other services are also important like offering
prepaid cards, debit cards, contactless cards and embedded chips with the smart
cards along with the credit cards of the master card because the usage along
with these will be increased the number of the customers that provides clients many
services within one place along with the security. Business card will make use
for both the small sector and large commercial organizations. To attract the customers
more the Master Card company, need to provide the reward and program of loyalty.
The services that are benefits to its customer need to be identify by the
company and try to make their customers more satisfaction.

Worldwide programs need to b processes
globally to make extend their customers. Most of the successful area for being loyalty
of master card is by the airlines and hotel systems.

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