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As discussed in the previous section the problem and benefits of private businesses with respect to the contemporary world are not constant. The problems and benefits vary according to a variety of factors like physical location of the business, availability of resources, availability of skilled workers, support from the governments, local conditions at the place of business etc.In case of Canada corruption, lack of resources and political instability are not at all the obstacles for private businesses. Canada is one of those few countries that extensively support private businesses. Current challenges to Canadian work place and businesses areAgeing populationOne of the greatest challenges to the Canadian work place is ageing population. Currently there is more number of senior citizens in Canada then the children below 14 years of age. It is expected that by 2031 about one in every four people would be a senior citizen. Under such circumstances Canada is and will continue to be under pressure to improve its workforce. The only possible answer to such a scenariowould be welcome higher immigrants into country. By various selective immigration policies, Canada can ensure that all the new immigrants are apt for the current available positions.• Deficiency in skilled workersEven though immigration inflow is high in Canada, new immigrants, if not all, would not easily make up the deficiency in skilled workforce. It needs considerable time for potential employers to try new immigrants according to their requirement.Profit orientationMotivations for profit sometimes encourage companies to choose the benefit over the concerns of society. In the worst scenario, the short-term benefit takes precedence over longer-term interests, which can result in decisions that ultimately harm people or the environment in some way.Decision availabilityDecisions made in private companies take much less time to be made than those made in public companies. The time it takes to make the changes and, therefore, to reach the results is less. In this way, the impact they can have on the work environment is greater since they correct the course of the business according to theneeds of the next and can act with agility to make adjustments in the direction if they require it.

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