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As we all know that
agriculture is all about performing practices that yields the production of
crops for human consumption (My Agriculture Information Bank, 2015), it has
been a stable sector and livelihood for different countries around the world. An
example would be the Philippines, with agriculture as its primary source of
economic growth and living. Basically, most of the output from the food system
begins in the land, where agriculture is evident. Behind these agricultural
practices, there are people who dedicate themselves in producing the crops
needed for human consumption. As agriculture increase its productivity, food
supply that directly gets into our plates or markets increases (Gillespie &
Bold, 2017). The same idea applies when there is a decrease in agriculture, food
insecurity becomes an issue. Therefore, agriculture and human food consumption
demands should harmonize, so as to equally satisfy each other needs (Gillespie
& Bold, 2017).

            Food accessibility does not only rely on its
productivity, but also depends on the policies implemented by the government.
The officials set the price ceiling for agricultural products, and not everyone
is guaranteed that they can afford these changes. No matter how sufficient the
supplies are, if the decision-makers call for an increase in price, then food
affordability will be the next issue.

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            On the other hand, public health issue directly involves
food supply and the nutrition derived from these resources. Since nutrition is
at the end of the chain, preceding factors have weightier effects on this
aspect. Food nutrition highly relies on agricultural sectors (World Bank, n.d).
According from World Bank (n.d), aside from an increase in crop production, the
agriculture sector should ensure the diversity of the products they can offer
for public consumption. Multiple food options would mean higher possibility of
nutrient count. Therefore, people in the agricultural sector should be mindful
of the nutritional value humans can have upon consumption (Shekar, 2015).

most of the food that we consume comes from agricultural processes, and the
practices done within this sector has a significant role in nutrition. The
agriculture practice is considered as the cradle in the food chain system and
the humans belong to the end of the process — through consumption (Société
Générale de Surveillance, n.d). Therefore, the practices in which the crops
were planted, grown, harvested, stored, and distributed have influencing
factors for the nutrition and safety of the food.

            Since agriculture can reach up to the small-scale
ventures and households, it has the bigger capability of impacting the health
of locales and communities (Shekar, 2015). Therefore, as experts predict the
nutritional status of a certain communities — the deficient and sufficient
ones, the agricultural sector can identify where crop to focus on (Oshaug &
Haddad, 2002). 

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