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As of 2015 World Leaders have come together to commit to removing poverty, promote equality, peace, growth, and protect the environment. As a company working on technological advancements, autonomous technology and robotics; with the best minds and expertise, along with vast services in areas of materials, mining and agriculture, Clearpath could be an effective contributor in the global effort to meet sustainable development goals. The Sustainable Development Goals framework poses a number of conceptual as well as implementation challenges that will require close collaboration between the policy and scientific communities and other stakeholders.

Interlinking our current business and technological development strategies the company can use these goals as a framework to have an effect on future business opportunities, stabilizing markets, strengthening stakeholder relations, regulating policy developments and stabilizing societies. 2

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“The world in which we live is global, and interdependent, and that is what the new SDGs recognize. The new development agenda has a truly universal framework that goes beyond the separatism of simply environmental, social or economic sustainability. It is an inclusive agenda for world prosperity that incorporates the safe operating space of a stable and resilient planet”   – Johan Rockström

Global opportunities arise as having an inclusive business would allow for employment and entrepreneurship opportunities for those individuals considered to be living at the Base of the Economic Pyramid (i.e. people living on less than $3 to $9 a day). This would allow the company to develop further cheap, high quality products as well as services in order to make an impact on the basic need for foods, water, agriculture, healthcare and living. Innovative design can also be further developed in order to focus within the energy, economics, and agriculture sectors.  Some further opportunities and advantage can be seen in figure 1.1 below. The benefits from such an endeavor would also give the company more of a competitive advantage not only to gain said advantage, but also push other companies to make an impact.

There are some risks to consider such as the need for investments and risky return on investment along with long time periods for break-even. Lack of committed leadership to the goals could lead to operational and strategic issues. Lack of adequate infrastructure in areas would create difficulties. Lack of stable financial management would mean minimal purchases and investments. Lack of market information about the consumer, skills and capacities of suppliers.  

The company’s internal resources would be tested for implementation to manage distribution channels, human resources, transactions and consistent development. “Good governance, economic incentives, appropriate and robust legal and institutional framework conditions would allow overcoming these barriers.” 3



In order to provide the greatest near term opportunity potential which could be used with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, I believe that the company could possibly take a three pronged approach 1 in order to achieve a sustainable organization. Integrating innovation through entrepreneurship, design and policy will allow a high level of sustainability.

The company already designs innovative products and solutions, such as autonomous vehicles and robots for various industries. Focusing on modular, sustainable or even further autonomous applications would challenge for innovative ideas and greater products or services, while making an impact to meet UN SDG goals. Focus on sustainable design principles with regards to the design process would prove to be beneficial using the development of products with zero harm and 80% reusability. 1

From an entrepreneurship perspective identifying gaps in the BOP market and environments would prove to be beneficial for any new ventures taken up by the company as well as the global communities being served. It would prove beneficial to use reward initiatives for development of novel solutions, shifting towards emerging businesses, creating new businesses not just legacy products and investing in ventures with products dedicated to the company’s sustainability strategy. 1 There is large potential and demand around the globe for more shared economy products or services which would allow various opportunities.

Being a technology driven company, having a B-Corp will help recognition as an interdependent company concerned about human development as well as environmental stability which would attract like-minded partners. Keeping up with B-Corp standards would allow the company to consistently maintain or improve on the Impact Assessments allowing it to become a better. B-Lab provides its 2000 companies with shared case studies, communication and engages CEOs together. This can prove to be extremely beneficial in forming partners, working collaboratively and becoming part of a community working towards a greater cause.

With companywide training, mandating sustainable targets and goals, Clearpath can redefine how business and technology are perceived in the world. Being an economically resilient company driving forward towards the future in mind, having humans, the environment and profit in our bottom line would help the company achieve its major goals.

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