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As we continue on with life, our environment continues to face many issues over time. While these issues can progressively get worse; I find that global organizations can instill good practices in order to protect our ecosystem. From what I learned environmental organizations help promote conservation methods and delves deep into researching specific disciplines, whether that may be about climate change or biodiversity. Many of these organizations tend to help all over the world to help provide a better planet to live on. One organization that does this is The International Union for Conservation of Nature. As the name states, IUCN is an environmental organization that contributes internationally. According to Fur Institute of Canada, it operates in over 180 countries. Also, It involves itself in many disciplines ranging from biodiversity all the way through world heritage (IUNC). Furthermore, the main purpose of this organization is to provide extensive research and scientific knowledge of these disciplines to try to influence and push for conservation action towards governments and civilians.    One of the practices IUCN does is involve itself into science. More specifically, it delves into research in many disciplines, such as biodiversity, climate change, gender, economics, ecosystem management, endangered species, environmental law, etc. (IUCN). This organization has scientists that conduct research on how to improve our environment and protect it. An example of this could be IUCN’s Red list. The Red list consists of specific information of endangered species and data collected by research. According to the site, it evaluates the extinction risk of each species and has documented over 5,400 species (IUCN Red List). The database itself could also be used for educational purposes and for other kinds of research. For example, a study done by Petrovan and Schmidt wanted to study how volunteer conservation impacted the population for the common toad. While they did not use volunteers from IUCN, they used a lot of data about the toad from IUCN’s red list about endangered species. This indicates that IUCN can be knowledge and their research in science can help with other studies. In addition to that, the organization also has more databases: red list of ecosystems, invasive species database, human dependency of nature, etc. These databases also provide educational input and tries to promote conversation efforts to its audience in hopes of them realizing how much organisms mean to our environment.     Continuing on, another practice IUCN instills in its organization is its many field projects along with gathering a substantial amount of volunteers. According to the IUCN website, the organization develops a project around a central theme and follows a series of steps to launch it. The IUCN project modules outlines a series of steps that it takes to formulate a field project on any specific theme they are researching on. The steps are identifying an issue, developing the project, implementing it, evaluating the data, and finally wrapping up the project. While these steps seem simple, they are time consuming and need a great amount of funding. However, IUCN has several donors and partnerships that contribute to the funding (IUCN).While scientists are involved with the research, volunteers can contribute as well. According to the IUCN red list website, it states that thousands of volunteers and assist with the Species Survival Commission.  An article by IUCN in 2017 states that they already have been funded for 10 research projects in collaboration with African Wildlife Initiative. One of their goals is to reduce conflict between humans and wildlife, and hope they can promote conservation methods for living.  Another example is projects done like these are a great way to involve civilians into aiming to help conserve to create a better planet. Since IUCN offers so many disciplines, it allows the person to pick an area of their interest and gain exposure to research. Not only that, their contribution helps immensely in gathering data and continuing to expand the organization’s efforts of protecting our environment.    Lastly, the International Union of Conservation of Nature takes a great deal in avocadacy. It influences not only regular civilians but stakeholders and governments as well. Since the organization has large connections to several governments and stakeholders. They end up promoting their mission through them. According to the website, IUCN has many partnerships with many government and non governmental organizations. Some examples of IUCN’s work with these organizations is displayed and brings a large amount of power. For example, Ramachandran explains that IUCN’s partnership brings many benefits to the company partnering with them. In the article, it states that organizations such as JRC have benefited from working with IUCN. Ramachandran’s article mentions that the JRC and IUCN worked on a project called BIOPAMA. The program was developed to target issues with biodiversity and our ecosystem. Its mission was to obtain sustainability and protect our environment (Ramachandran). Furthermore, Ramachandran includes that the program’s success has brought a significant improvement in the protection of our environment.  In addition, their projects bring many benefits. One example is according to the IUCN review, it mentions the impact IUCN has with its avodacy. The review mentions that indigenous people generally feel left out by other global organizations. But IUCN tends to recognize them and working with governments and companies on this issue. The review mentions that IUCN worked with the congress of Barcelona in 2008. The congress developed ten resolutions that involved the indigenous people and integrating cultural diversity (IUCN review). Furthermore, IUCN has created many resolutions in partnership with many countries. The review mentions IUCN was involved in poverty reduction among other things in Bangkok. While IUCN has a large impaction on

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