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As I would see it, in the XXI century, the achievement of financial advancement and the capacity to conquer social issues to a great extent relies upon capacity of society for adjusting to new worldwide substances. It set a troublesome errand for all states. They either will have the capacity to “fit in globalization” or they aim to be behind the main nations of the world. Along these lines, the fundamental test of globalization for Russia is it capacity for natural association with the most critical patterns in world advancement. In mechanical and efficient way, Russia, most likely, has an opportunity to overcome or possibly moderate the developing fall behind the created majority rule governments, which now utilize advantageous impacts of globalization. Regardless of the auxiliary twists of the Soviet economy and the intense emergency of change, Russia has kept up a decent level of logical and mechanical advancement, moderately gifted work compel, and in particular, the scholarly potential. As it were, Russia has the preconditions for consideration in globalization. There are a few fundamental issues. Will Russian tip top beat social traditionalism? Will the nation be completely open sooner rather than later? Will it retain new thoughts and qualities? Will it deny from the desire of awesome power and doubt of created vote based systems? I don’t have idealistic responses to these questions… I might want to attract consideration regarding the issue of development of Russian transnational enterprises. Since the fundamental subject of globalization is driving MNCs, Russia ought to have a few dozen world-class multinationals Russian organizations, keeping in mind the end goal to take an interest similarly in globalization forms. Right off the bat, it ought to be organizations, in which Russians take control over the capital. Besides, they ought to have branches in every significant locale of the world, which are directing a worldwide procedure, assembling, advertising and offer of products. Thirdly, they ought to be arranged to Russian national interests, which would prompt finish fulfillment of their own commercial advantages. These days in Russia are not all that numerous organizations that meet even the most widely recognized criteria for the meaning of the MNC. There are not all that numerous really universal Russian MNKs, as “Gazprom”, “Lukoil”, “Rusal”. Be that as it may, even biggest Russian multinational organizations in the rundown of 500 greatest enterprises are far from the main 10. Likewise it’s imperative to accomplish making of Russian MNCs in segments that are not associated with normal assets. For fruitful adjustment of the Russian Federation to the procedures of globalization, the main Russian banks must join the club of world-class transnational banks. Be that as it may, the position of Russia in the worldwide keeping money part is considerably weaker than in modern MNCs. Eventually, Russia’s adjust of advantages, challenges and misfortunes from globalization can be evaluated as zero or negative. My nation needs to take incredible endeavors to make globalization its partner.

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