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As IoT is a comparatively new concept, there is a need to define the security principle that should be enforced to achieve a secure communication. All the security challenges and threats of each layer in IoT system mainly utilize the network technologies used here. However, there are some additional issues and threats can be arising from the collaboration of different technologies in IoT. The main objective of the security protocol of IoT is to protect the data which contains sensitive information of the user.


Ioannis Andrea et al. 3 believes that the IoT system needs to be robust for data-related attacks and must provide data security and privacy. As per their view, the IoT system needs to provide confidentiality, integrity, and availability (CIA). And it can be achieved through the authentication, access control, data encryption etc. Also, the emphasis on an IoT system that must have trust between each layer, security, and privacy in each layer and trust between the user and the IoT system.

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Rwan Mahmoud et al. 4 mentioned that for a strong and secured IoT system CIA is the most compulsory security goals. Along with this typical security goals, they mentioned about the availability, policy, heterogeneity, key management system etc.


Hui Suo et al. 9 mentioned the security requirements as per the architectural layer of IoT system. As per their research, in perceptual layer first, they want authentication of access, second data confidentiality by encrypting the data. For data encryption, they prefer lightweight cryptographic algorithm and protocol. As they believe to apply the security mechanism is quite difficult in the network layer. For that they refer identity authentication between nodes is required to maintain confidentiality and integrity. Also, they highlight on to prevent the DDoS attack. For cloud computing and secure multiparty computation strong encryption algorithm and protocol, strong system security technology and antivirus suggest by them. To solve the security problem of the

application layer, we need two aspects. One is the authentication and key agreement across the heterogeneous network, the other is user’s privacy protection.


Monika Bhalla et al. 2 also refereed the CIA requirements for a secured system but they mainly emphasis on the security of wireless sensor networks instead of whole IoT system. 

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