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As the largest purchaser of health care services, the Medicare program has taken incremental steps to link payments to quality measures through withholding or reducing payment amounts, especially in its FFS program. Impacts of systems that serve individuals with disproportionate health care needs should be reviewed. Meanwhile, quality enterprises focus may change from year to year; programs should go back to previously tracked measures to ensure that there are enhancement and sustainability. Changes in factors other than the cost of service lead to shifts in the demand curve. A change in the demand factors will cause a change in quality purchased of service. Consumers are more price sensitive if they pay a larger percentage of the health care bill and these result to consumers who take the less cost of insurance. The downfall is that demand falls as consumer income increases which is an inferior service. The results of whether health care is a normal, superior, or inferior service, differs depending on whether individuals look at studies based on people responses or the usage of aggregate data. The wide range studies have found health care to a superior service.ConclusionThis paper has argued that healthcare is less able to provide satisfactory to consumers. Hospitals provide poor and cheap quality service to patients. Consumers want the best service but clingy to spend more for the best insurance. The cost-effective result to noninsurance consumers. By this mean, poor income consumers should still get the best and higher cost insurance because they would not pay more out-of-pocket. On the other hand, consumers are paying a higher rate on insurance and hospitals should provide the best quality service rather than cheap service. Hospitals should also have more staff to provide better care for patients and not being overwhelming to get their tasks done for the day. Hospitals need to monitoring a better access and health outcome. The rapid proliferation of accountable care organizations should provide a rich variety that reflects the different health care delivery system across the United States. The earlier formed accountable care organizations that are successful in achieving higher quality care at lower cost will provide regulators with some standards against which to assess the performance of developing accountable care organizations. Non-consumer of the health care should get insurance because they would be penalized when filling for tax. There is a difficulty of comparing outcomes between different interventions to arrange them. Individual’s social and cultural environment thus play a fundamental role in the process of rating one’s health and, in the short and long term, in the mortality rate. In future, it is necessary to verify that self-rated health is a predictor of mortality. Research on self-rated health is only just a study appears to clarify the still unresolved issues in healthcare divisions. A significant concern that hospital should pay attention to how to reuce the insecurity of employees

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