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As an
employee, we are expected to perform at our best and gain profit for the
company that we are working for. In return, our employers are required to
compensate us with our salaries and benefits; however, aside from these
straightforward responsibilities of our employers, we are also entitled to “worker’s

“Workers’ compensation” is a set of law that outlines specific
compensations which an injured employee is entitled to claim. Workers’
compensation laws are found on each state’s statutes and have variations for
each state, aside from this, there are also a workers’ compensation laws
specifically for industries such as the railroad industry since their employees
face a different set of workplace hazard. Although there may be differences for
each state’s workers’ compensation laws, majority of the states require that all
businesses must have some form of workers’ compensation insurance to cover
injured employees.

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Here are things that you should know as an employee to successfully file
a workers’ compensation claim if you suffered an injury or damage during a
workplace accident:

As an employee, you are expected to act in a responsible manner
inside the workplace – You are not entitled to a claim if you were injured while
violating a rule or regulation which specifically forbids you from participating
in the activity that caused your injury. Your claim would also be invalidated
if you were intoxicated or under the influence of illegal drugs when the
workplace accident took place, or if you were injured while committing a crime
inside your workplace.

It is your responsibility to report the injury – If a workplace
accident occurs and you are injured, make sure to report it to your employer or
direct supervisor immediately. Your employer would then need to fill out a
form, sometimes called “First Report of Injury”. Make sure that your employer
fills this form, review it to be sure of its accuracy, and request a copy for

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