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As per my knowledge, I
gained towards bidding is the best way to success in company revenue. Concede
ring this to bid or not to bid will give the lower cost of proposal
development. When you figure out what it will cost you to finish the
undertaking, you have to consider different factors like area, contract
necessity, arranged technique for development. This bidding is directly
proportional to profit and simply it’s easy to get long-term project.

What Factors Should
Must Marvin Consider?

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Analysis: It’s very
important to analyze always for what reason the company lost the bid and what
are the factors of the company has won the bid. To get better bid win rate to
the client both successful ones and the one’s company did not win.

Capability: Before
making the decision regarding the bidding first whether the company has the
capacity to do work or not. If possible once go throw the success rate
regarding the bidding company has made and make sure that upcoming projects
that make whether the company will have to provide staffing and resource to
maintain all project.

Profitability: The
organizations to make revenue and gain some profits will depend on so many
factors. Once if the company make a good bidding decision and definitely make a
good profit in an organization. To make a prefer plans on bidding it require a
master plan and good experience to do.

Long Lasting strategy:
Consider regardless of whether the venture you are hoping to offer on fits in
with the long methodology and objectives of your organization. To get the long
contracts the company must identify the sector which comfortable to complete
that project and supply the resource. Therefore, the client will make the
long-term relationship with us.

Risk assessment:
Before choosing to offer a task you ought to deliberately recognize all the
potential dangers that could emerge on the undertaking. This risk management
will consider when a company is ready to bid that company must analyze all the
previous risk assessments to overcome that risk document carefully and review
the specification for the project.

I think Marvin and team
should consider many various factors that may directly or indirectly. Even
though the pros of the deal sound very fancy, Marvin and team should think
about risk factors involved. Marvin needs to ensure that the quantity of assets
accessible will have the capacity to finish .So, he would have to consider the
brighter side of the deal as well and not just try to continue on this smaller
fixed-firm price contracts.

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