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As a senior departmental faculty and assistant professor of University Institute of Technology, Rajiv Gandhi Prouyogiki Vishwavidyalaya (UIT, RGPV), I take this opportunity to recommend Ms Sejal Varshney, a talented and zealous student of my institution, for the masters program at your University. I have known her for past two years as a student of Computer Science Engineering. I have guided her in Smart Irrigation System project during the pre-final year and currently guiding her in an undergoing project.

By witnessing her performance during the project, I am convinced that she has a long way to go. She was highly reliable and could be count on to get the task done and meet deadlines. With great performance and follow-through, she developed a positive relationship with her fellow teammates and kept the team on track. She showed genuine passion and commitment towards the projects and where necessary, she volunteered to take decisions as a leader.                                                                                Apart from academics she has participated in competitions and workshops, that have ensured diversity in her portfolio of extra-curricular activities. From the start of the college, she participated in various diverse activities in every field whether it is technical, cultural or social events.

 Sejal is one of those few students that I have seen in my career who possess an unyielding determination, will to work hard and a fire to learn. She shows dedication and sincerity in all her works. It may be performing well in class, leading teams of students in co-curricular activities, she has delivered on all her commitments. She works hard to leave no stone unturned to achieve her goals and is the kind of person who flourishes in challenges. Also, she is a natural leader and all her friends look up to her. I believe this skill set truly makes her a great candidate for the Masters in Management course she is applying for.  In my view Sejal compares favourably with the best among my students. I am sure she will make an outstanding graduate student.

I strongly recommend her for the admission to the Graduate Program at your University preferably with financial aid.

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