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As humans,  we think that we can just be independent without any help from anyone, but that’s not how life’s supposed to work.  God created us for a purpose. He sent his one and only son to save us from this sin filled world, and to teach us about God’s promises for us.  As believers, we frequently forget the depth of our separation from God because of our sin. When Jesus was grown he taught of loving God above all else,caring for others as much as we care for ourselves, the coming kingdom, and eternal life. We are dead in sin, but God made us alive with Christ.  This is why we need a Savior.Our sin, which is inevitably born through our thoughts and intentions, come so naturally due to the sinful nature we inherited from Adam and Eve, who disobeyed God and ate the forbidden fruit. Sin has brought separation from God both spiritually and physically to all.  We often forget the depth of our separation from God because of our sin. All too often we ignore that sin is still sin, no matter how small or big we think it is. Every day we need to recognize that only the Savior Jesus Christ can bridge that gap, and he has.When God first created the world it was pure and untouched by sin, and  He created man in his image. God blessed them, and God said to them;”Be fruitful and become many, fill the earth, and subdue it”.  Not long after the creation of humanity, Satin came to earth and tempted Eve to eat the forbidden fruit, which lead to the introduction of sin.  All hope seemed lost for the now sinfield world, the once pure earth became full of sin, and it grew along with the abundance of  humanity.  Four Thousand years later God sent his one and only son to save us from sin. Jesus was born of the virgin Mary, in the little town of Bethlehem. His birth is the real reason for Christmas, and a time to celebrate his purpose.  Jesus spent most of his youth and young adulthood in the city of Nazareth, in the land of Galilee.  At about age 30, Jesus was Baptized in the River Jordan by John the Baptist, and began his public ministry.  He selected 12 disciples who would carry on his ministry after Him. He traveled through the regions of Galilee, Samaria, and Judea, teaching to crowds of people who followed him wherever He went.  He taught of the Kingdom of God, repentance, and love for all people.  He healed on the sick and performed miracles everywhere he went.  His public ministry lasted about three years, and he found many followers among the Jews of Palestine. However he had many enemies,too. Jesus was very critical of the hypocrisy religious leaders of his time. These religious leaders plotted to kill him do to his criticism, which ultimately lead to his crucifixion on Friday the eve of the Passover.  The Bible tells that Jesus arose from the dead on the following Sunday, and He remained on Earth another 40 days before ascending into heaven.  Jesus himself said his death and resurrection were all apart of God’s plan of salvation. When Jesus was ministering, he often spoke in parables, using nature and agriculture to deliver his spiritual messages. Many people were often baffled by the parables. However theses parables were often confusing, but Jesus would always explained his parables to his disciples in private.  Jesus seemed to have constructed his parables so only those who were pure of heart and receptive to his teachings could understand them. These parables are were also used to help understand the kingdom of God and other spiritual things that have never been experienced ourselves.Jesus often referred to God as “the heavenly Father”.  Our relationship with God is similar to that of a loving parent and child. Like a loving parent, God knows and cares deeply for us, but like children some of us return that love, but other do not. Nevertheless, He still loves all of us. Gods gifts of love and salvation are freely offered to all, even for those who chose a sinful path. When we lose sight of the truth, we fall into sin by forcing on our own desires. We are called by God to be a holy people and to turn from sin every day. Every day, we need to repent our sins that her present, and even our secret sins of worry,unrighteousness, anger, gossip, lustful thoughts, and in purity.What if there were things you could never take back like words, decisions, and mistakes. A world where every heartache lasted forever, and where every wounded was never healed. A world where man only drips farther and farther away from God.  That’s what the world would be like without a savior.  Thankfully that world doesn’t exist, because Jesus was born, and taught us how to live for God. Even though there are non believers, who do not know Jesus, he still has changed every person’s life by being born.  He was born to change our hearts, end all goodbyes, and fix all mistakes.  He was born to overcome anguish, regret, depression, fear.  He understands us, and heals us, and brings closer to him if we let him.For those who have accepted the gift of faith, Jesus is much more than a good teacher or historical figure, He is Christ, the Savior, the Son of God, who came to earth to redeem our sins, and to establish his spiritual kingdom of God on Earth, and to offer eternal life in heaven.  Although he is no longer on earth in bodily form, he is present with us throughout the power of the Holy Spirit. He is our guide and Savior, the source of all our strength, Who will lead us through this earthly life and into eternal life beyond. We talk to him in prayer. He speaks to us through the Bible in our conscience. He strengthens us with love.

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