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As a kid born in a Christian family of a metropolitan city like Hyderabad (in India) I was thrown into a competitive world where every student was running behind marks rather than knowledge. I was no way different from them trying to top the class by any means. Later, as I grew up to be a teen, my perception towards study changed and I turned out to be a firm believer of knowledge.

I found questioning a very effective principle of learning. I was good at computers right from my schooling. But, my love towards electronics started by watching the gadget shows and my Dad who works as an Electronics Engineer in Defence Organisation, used to explain the fundamental principles of their working and this created interest in me.

Moreover, the circuitry he handled while making out his projects inspired me to become an engineer playing around with the components. As I grew older I realized the importance of the innovations that are taking place with help of electronics in present world and decided to become an Electronic Engineer.I secured a CGPA of 7.0 in my Tenth CBSE ( i.

e Central Board of Secondary Education) which I feel is a task that can be achieved during that age. With a great zeal of getting into IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) colleges, I started my Higher Secondary Education. I was very good with the mathematics and physics subjects which helped me to complete 12th grade with 80.7%.

Out of interests in electronics, I started working out with small projects with little basics in electronics like working out with IC’s like IC 555 timer where I initially made a small circuit which blocks TV remote signals during my vacation time when my mom irritates me in the house. This further increased my interest in this field. Growing interest in electronics and its applications drove me to choose electronic engineering as my undergraduate course. At the time of my undergrad admission, I felt as if several roads were diverging into the woods (yes, like Robert Frost).I had an innate desire to be a researcher and have inventions to my name.

Moreover, I am very much aware of the immense efforts I have to make in order to fulfil my aspiration. During my course, I was exposed to various academic courses like Electronic Devices & Circuits, Signals & Systems, Electronic Circuit Analysis, Pulse & Digital Circuits, Control Systems Engineering, Antennas & Wave Propagation, Linear & Digital IC Applications, Digital Communications, Microprocessors & Micro-controllers, VLSI Design etc. I even got familiar to some of the courses like Arduino Programming, Embedded ‘c’ programming and also worked on Arduino Uno, Arduino nano boards which were not offered to undergraduate students at our college.

I also realised that improving communication skills and taking part in technical and non-technical events is important along with academics. I was good at playing Various Indoor Games in our college. Being a firm keyboard player who has an experience of playing in the Church for more than 7 years, music became a part in my life to much exent.

I am a person who prepares monotonously for the exams; my approach has always been one having a thorough understanding of the concepts rather than merely having an exam-centric approach. Sticking up to my project idea,My successful completion of -project work  on ” Design and Implementation of RADAR in Air-Defence for security and surveillance system “, in Defence Organisation, BDL( BHARAT DYNAMICS LIMITED),under the supervision of Dr. M.Chandrashekar, helped me to expel my practical skills.This pro-type consists of a sensor which is used to detect an object/Missile with in the pre-defined range wherein it gives the exact distance and angular position of the target. This interest with in me made me continued it with working on “INFRARED MISSILE TRACKING USING MATLAB”, wherein it is a surface to surface MISSILE having a strike range of 5km via using  IR seeker, its projectional path from start of trigger till it hits the target is tracked by using a MATLAB software.

It was a challenging project for me to make it out, especially doing it in the area of my interest. Our project was appreciated by the Head of the Department and it is soon to be published  with in few days in the IJSR ( International Journal of Science and Research).As a part of final year main project, I am working on ‘ HAND?? GESTURE?? RECOGNITION?? TECHNOLOGY?? BASED?? WIRELESS SURVEILLANCE?? ,BOMB?? DIFFUSING?? ROBOT?? WITH?? MOBILE JAMMING TECHNIQUE?? USING? ?MEMS?? TECHNOLOGY”. This is an Interesting robot which is totally controlled by wirelessly using Mem’s Sensor by Hand Gesture Technology.When ever the Robot Detects the bomb it sends the signal to the controller wherein gives a beep sound from the Buzzer as a remainder. On the other hand, parallely a signal is fed to the Jammer which blocks all the CDMA, 3G, 4G signals around it with in a certain limit range. (since most of the bombs are operated by Mobile signals). This reduces the loss of Life and would be much useful in the field of Military areas, land mines…Me as a student, I’d tasted  “shades of different fruits “during my college time.

Many ups and downs in my journey made me realised what I am. I don’t regret for the subjects which I had studied twice ( “Backlog subjects” ),but it made my basics stood stronger than before. This gave me confidence that I can do something or the other, in life. More than being theoretical, what ever the knowledge being gained should be experimented practically, then only one can see live results.While this helped me to develop a thorough insight into project handling, the environment I am in is not very supportive towards my desire of advanced studies. Therefore, I wish to pursue my Masters abroad. After completing Masters in Electrical Engineering I would look forward for my further studies in the field of Network, & Computer Security.

I strongly believe that   NYIT ‘NEW YORK INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY’ is the right place to continue my study because of its research in Cryptography, Mobile & Cyber Security, and Swarm Intelligence. Moreover, its course curriculum, world-class faculty and infrastructure are the other important driving factors for choosing your esteemed University.In order to succeed, we must first believe that we can. I am confident that I will live up to the high academic standards of your University, supported by your academic guidance. I am sure that working in a highly motivating environment of your campus provides me the momentum to achieve my goals and shall endeavour my utmost to prove an asset to the University.

           Thank you for the opportunity to express my views.     

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