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the world eighth- largest fossil fuel reserves, Russia had not deeply felt the
necessity of developing renewable energy for long time. As a result, current
amount of renewable energy generation accounts for less than 1% of the total
energy consumption. However, since 2013’s Ordinance of the Prime Minister,
Russia has started to invest to this matter, planning to reach 5% of renewables
until 2030. This delegate fully sympathize with the necessity of the
international measures to renewable energy, since no country in the world could
escape from the environmental impact. Especially, since outskirt regions of
Russia, including Siberia and the Far East region, go through the limitation of
centralized electricity supply due to its high transportation charge, home
government feels a strong need for independent renewable energy systems. To
induce international cooperation for the research and distribution of renewable
energy, this delegate came up with these 3 suggestions. 

Firstly, this delegate suggests electrical grid
connecting the whole world. The biggest obstacle regarding introduction of
renewable energy system is its intermittent generation of electricity. Even
though technological development and wide supply of smart grid may bring about
sufficient and stable electrical supply for daily uses, it would be inevitable to
face problems in the industrial field. Especially for the country which has not
enough territory and solar irradiance, inevitable difficulties of industrial
electricity supply are expected. In this situation, if world-connecting
electrical grid is established, it is expected to contribute to each country’s
energy stability by utilizing surplus energy of the neighboring nation. In
addition, it would be a good solution to co-produce electrical power by
cooperating with neighboring countries, countries with advantageous
circumstances to generate renewable energy providing site, and countries with
difficulties providing technology and funds. Actually, Russia has recently
signed MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) of Asia Super Grid, which is a system
delivering hydropower generated in Russia and wind energy generated in Mongolia
to China and South Korea through undersea transmission cables.

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Secondly, this delegate suggests global studies
on ESS (Energy Storage System). The current power system is centralized system,
matching supply and demand in real time. When the electricity producer predict
the demand and establish a supply plan, power plant produce huge amount of
electricity at once and provide it to consumers. Since electricity in itself
can hardly be stored, it is important for power companies to accurately predict
the demand, operate appropriate amount of generators, and produce appropriate
amount of electricity. But in case of renewable energy, its difficulty of these
procedures makes problem. This is why high-capacity ESS system is necessary
for generalization of renewable energy. This is the big challenge of human
being. The international society must collaborate to overcome this issue by
joint research and development.   

 Thirdly, this delegate proposes government
incentives for renewables. A nascent technology like renewable energy can never
mature and provide a decent return without government help and investment.
Providing incentives to corporates can promote new industry to each nation. As
a matter of fact, Russian government is working with industry-upbringing policy
by carrying out big project related to renewables field. When an investor
participates in a new renewable energy project, the Russian government
determines which projects are low in capital expenditure and makes a contract
with the investors. In case that the investment company establishes a renewable
energy plant, Russian government guarantees 14% of profit and 15 years of
payback period. Like the example, this delegate suggests government incentives
which are suitable for each nation’s own circumstance. 

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