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As Peoples spend more and more  time on an internet, it’s really an important aspect to protect the Internet  to make it privacy-free zone where our every day to day work and click is monitored and stored. About 90 percentage  of an Internet users have agreed that they wished protection for privacy risks (Culnan and Milne, 2001).Australian consumer law has setup some legal issues on the product and services which provides guarantees  that they will work  and they  will asked for it. Further more, Australian consumer law also provide consumer guarantees , refunds defective products. According to the  law, Consumer have all the right to reject any goods or services they have rendered or provided in market and also the shape them to produce of their choices. When the consumer are aware about their right they know their responsibility. Consumer have right to refund if the product is unsafe. In Australia certain product are banned so as to prevent the risk for a person. Some production Australia is mandatory i.e. they should follow all the rules and regulation under the law to meet certain safety criteria to be sold in Australia.



            Causes  and consequences  of Consumer  Online privacy concern

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The advancement  in the field of technology has a motive firms to expand firms their service globally. Service providing firms are moving towards one to one marks  of customer through the use of an internet. However, delivering services through internet welcome great deal of  challenges which further includes emergence of serious privacy concern and results to customer dissatisfaction firms marketing activities are also effected by the negative reaction of customer which eventually developed from negative consequences of customer privacy. So the correct information about the customer is hard and difficult so that has led for an increase in the availability of privacy enhancing tools. As the use of internet has boarden its boundary the consumer  wants to adopt privacy protection. Consumer are highly concerned with their personal privacy and they are less likely to disclose their information and are less inclined to participate in e-commerce and even they are less likely to surf internet. Internet privacy has come as a spotlight   in the news after nude photos of dozens of celebrities were swiped or revealed from their apple iclouds accounts. There are major two factors that have a great impact on online privacy and they are;(1) the consumers had a vulnerability on unauthorized storing and  misuse of data.(2)  the perceived way of adopting in which personal information is collected and used(Dinev and Hart,2004).As the use of e-commerce  is gradually expanding the use has grown worldwide and the companies are storing the personal information  from the consumers on the internet. So the information provided by the consumer is now commodity and that is sold, bought and even it is traded. A different types of consumer feedback is gather in terms of privacy particularly online privacy(Singh and Pandya,1991) out of  which  there are three behavior  which are power enhancing right to consumers and the research on the consequences of privacy and security concern about the marketings(Sheehan and Hoy,1999) and the major focus on online marketing(Lwin et al., 2007).Fabricate is the word which refers to consumer benefit so as to protect their own identity by giving false information from potential intruders or hackers. In contrast protection and fabricate has seen as a unique in online environment and it has been seen in different number of internal studies (Fox etal, 2000,Georgia Tech Research Corporation, 1998). The first power enhancing behavior for protection of consumer  through online is privacy that we already have discussed as fabricate. So marketers are mainly focused on the accurate data of customer, sop that overall provide the success for online marketing(Thomas and Maurer, 1997).But it has shown that 50 percentage of people use false information most of the time(Culnan and Milne, 2001) so that has lead to decline of accurate personal  information at a time over the internet(Lwin and Williams, 2003).We have seen that personal information  like (age, education, name, etc) these are the most seen word when we access the internet to use some particular site. So we have to undergo with some of those personal data so as  to get access. But consumer are seen as using secondary mailing addresses to cover up their original information from the mail id, which alternatively  provide incomplete information. About 91 percentage  of people have felt that business and government are not doing anything so as to tackle with privacy issues( Nowak and Phelps,1992).But it in the hand of consumer  who are adopting certain privacy policies and posting on the websites. The connected link between perceived organizational polices and consumer privacy is under ongoing research with lack of proper studies(Caudill and Murphy, 2000).


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