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As in the United States, Christianity
is one of the majority religions, then Buddhism is one of the majority religions
in most of the Southeast Asia countries. My family religious is Buddhism. I am
an immigrant who moved from Vietnam to the United States not so long ago. The
majority of Vietnamese people are Buddhism; therefore, I have had chances to know
and practice my religious when I was in Vietnam.

            Siddhartha Gautama, the Buddha, was the founder of
Buddhism who lived in Northern India. Buddha taught their follower to be kind,
good, and sincere. Moreover, Buddha taught people to not have many earthly
possession, so they will not feel unhappy. In Buddhism, people believe that
each person have experiences life many times called reincarnation.
Reincarnation is a major part of Buddhism, it is the concept of reborn after
dying. If a person does something bad, or karma in his or her life time, he or
she might be reborn to be a little insect or an animal in the next life.

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            Buddhism has its own rules to live by like many other
religions. In Buddhism, the Five Precepts is very important, it describes behaviors
for followers to avoid. However, these factors are recommended to follow but they
are not commandments. The first rule is do
not kill, as the followers to Buddhism, we should not kill or harm living
things. The second rule is do not steal,
means that followers should not take what is not given. It refers to take
someone else’s property, to theft or stealing it; and the thought of stealing. The
third rule is do not lie. In Buddhism,
respecting the truth is one of the most important principles, therefore, denying
the truth is lying. They believed that being fully honest with the others and
oneself will reduce misunderstanding and disharmony. Truthfulness is the
positive counterpart of this precept, but truthfulness is not enough, our speech
should be helpful, caring and harmonious. The fourth rule is to avoidance of sexual misconduct, this
means the avoidance of rape, adultery and abduction. It refers to it would be a
betrayal if he or she have sex outside that relationship; pre-marital sex, or
to have sex involved violence. The last of the five precepts, the fifth rule is
refrain from drugs and alcohol. In
this precept, abstain from intoxicants is an aid to mindfulness. Drugs and alcohol
have psychologically addictive effects, and these intoxications can be very harmful
to health. They believed that a state of intoxication can increases the chances
of wrongdoing and committing crimes.

            There is no God in Buddhism, and Buddhist believed that
Buddha is their only Master. Buddha presented his philosophy in the Four Noble
Truths, which it formed the fundamental belief for all branches of Buddhism. The
First Noble Truth states that life is suffering it causes from failure, pain,
and sickness. The Second Noble Truth teaches that all of the causes of suffering
are desire. The Third Noble Truth states that suffering will stop when we are
able to overcome these desires. Lastly, the Fourth Noble Truth shows people the
ways out of suffering. And Buddha taught his followers that to end the
suffering, they should pursuit right view, right action, right concentration, right
intention, right mindfulness, right speech, right livelihood, and right effort.

            Those are what I was taught and believed in my religion
since I was a kid. The reason I am taking this World Religion class is that I
want to learn and know more about different religions other than my own
religion because each of the religion has its own beliefs and way of religion

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