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As the most giant super power in the world, almost everything happened in the United States has some kinds of influence in the world. The American Revolution is definitely one of the most important historical event in the history of the United States because its foundation of the idea of this country. But behind the bright side of the main stream idea of the public, there are also dark sides in the Revolution such as the bloody battle and the wealth growing of the minor elite. In this paper, I am not going to admire the great achievement of the American Revolution nor criticize the bloody and dirty trades behind the Revolution. I am here to explain that just like or other major events of human history, Everything happened during and after the American Revolution is just a nature of human being.American Revolution was bloody and cruel, just like all other great revolutions in the history.Besides the so called “ideas” carrying for the revolution like liberty and democracy, the Revolution brought a bloody battle to everyone to the people in this land during that time, not only to the enemies, but also to the people were supposed to be innocent.During the whole period of the American Revolution. The United States suffered 25,000- 70,000 total death, 6800 killed in the battle, 17,000 died from the cause of disease, 8,000–12,000 who died as prisoners of war (Civil War Trust). Just during George Washington’s troop’s settlement in Valley Forge, more than 2,500 American soldiers were killed due to the exposure, starvation, disease and malnutrition (Heidi Munson). At British side, more than 25,000 soldiers dead from the bloody battle and the disease (Thomas B. Allen ). Those death counts have not included the German soldiers who stood on the British side and the loyalist in American. Also French suffer at least 7,000 death and Spain had 5,000 soldiers killed as well as Netherlands who got 500 soldiers died (Statistics of Wars). Obviously, the battle of the American Revolution was not just for British and Americans, Some other majored European countries also involved in this battle for the sake of their interests. What about the natives, were they getting away from this bloody battle? OF course not, during the Revolution many native Americans became the allies of British army. And actually the natives got the worst consequence of the Revolution. Because of their standing on British side for the expectation of a halt on the expansion of European settlers, George Washington gave clear orders to eliminate the threats of native Americans. A order gave from George Washington to Major General John said:The Expedition you are appointed to command is to be directed against the hostile tribes of the Six Nations of Indians, with their associates and adherents. The immediate objects are the total destruction and devastation of their settlements, and the capture of as many prisoners of every age and sex as possible. It will be essential to ruin their crops now in the ground and prevent their planting more (Founders Online).So obviously, it is a bloody and dirty war. But it is not a unique feature of the American Revolution, looking through the whole human history. Almost all revolutions are bloody. Five years after American Revolution, the another remarkable historical event which is known as French Revolution broke out. In the period from 1793 to 1794, the Revolution Government led by Maximillian Robespierre made around 300,000 Frenchmen and women (1 in 50 Frenchmen and women) arrested and at least 40,000 people killed (Michael R. Lynn).  When time went into 20th century, the “Revolution” still did not show any signs of humanity. During the Chinese revolution from 1946 to 1949 which led to the China Communism Party took over the administration of China, about 1.2 million people were killed (Piero Scaruffi). Even another probably less bloody revolution which we know as “Industrial Revolution” was not really soft either. Although The Industrial Revolution some what increased the standard of living and the number of population. In order to seek for higher profit, the employers tended to hire child labors (Douglas A. Galbi). In England and Scotland in 1788, two-thirds of the workers in 143 water-powered cotton mills were described as children working 14 hours a day, 6 day a week with 10–20% of an adult male’s wage and 16. Besides the long hours and the under payment, those child labors also faced mistreatment. Child abused were reported happened in the coal mines and textile factories. Especially in the coal mines, some children dozed off and fell into the path of the carts, some died from gas explosions. Many children developed lung cancer and other diseases due to the poor air quality and died before the age of 25 (Annabel Venning).After looking through the bloody side of the revolutions of human history, the bloody battle and the mistreatment to the natives during the American revolution were just a expression of human’s evil nature when they pursue their own interests.Minor elites obtain the most benefit through the American Revolution, and it always happens in the major historical popular movement.In 1774, 56 self elected elites held the First Continental Congress made the decision for around 2,000,000 people. And the Second Continental Congress were still grouped by few elite gentlemen (Text Book). For George Washington by the time of his death in 1799, his estate was pegged at about $780,000. At the same time estimated gross total personal income for free own labor in 1800 was 245.62 dollars (Andrew G. Gardner). For the person who made the quotation “Give me liberty or give me death”, Patrick Henry was also a big slave owner .He wrote in 1773, I am the master of slaves of my own purchase. I am drawn along by the general inconvenience of living here without them. I will not, I cannot justify it (New York Times).And the number of slaves he owned continued growing. By Patrick’s death in 1799, he owned 112 slaves (Red Hill Patrick Henry National Memorial Foundation).The minor elites obtain the most benefit through the American Revolution while majority people suffered under the poverty line. But what about other historical movements in the history of human being?Meiji Restoration which in includes couple bloody battles such as Boshi War and Satsuma Rebellion caused more than 50,000 casualties. The restoration fortunately avoid Japan from becoming a colony of western power and also pushed the country to the path of modernization. But to the other aspect, few elite families gain the great deal of wealth through this period despite the major of the citizens of this country fought on the front line of the battle with fewer income. In 1868, a person named Iwasaki Yataro, who was a descendant of a samurai in Iwasaki family which control Iwasaki clan during the shogunate era,he traveled to Osaka and leased the trading rights for the Tosa clan’s Tsukumo Trading Company after disbanding the shogunate’s business interests . And this company was contracted by Japanese government with shipping as its core business during and after the Meji Restoration ( In the bloody World War II, this company was manufacturing the military weapons such as fighter jet “Zero”. Today, we call this company as Mitsubishi who has business in electricity, bank and heavy industry and is the most influenced company in Japan.Hassan Gouled Aptidon, who was the leader of a campaign for Djibouti’s independence from France, undoubtedly became the first president of the country. In 1981, he turned the country into a one party state by declaring his political party as a sole legal one. And then he was elected as a six-year term president with opposition and reelected three terms until 1999. And today, the country’s current president Ismaïl Omar Guelleh  is the cousin of Hassan Gouled Aptidon. Singapore, which is known as one of the most developed country in the world today, saw the great economic success in the past few decades. But at the same time, this country can not get away the fate being control by the elite families. Although, the exact amount of elites’ wealth is undercover, we can still scope some information from the open sources. Lee Hsien Yang, who is a son of Singapore’s founder Lee Kuan Yew, has held the positions such as chairman of Asia Pacific Investment, president and CEO of Singapore Telecom Aus Invstmnt, and chairman of Islamic Bank of Asia (Bloomberg). Lee Kuan Yew’s wife Kwa Geok Choo, she is the daughter of Kwa Siew Tee who was former general manager of Oversea-Chinese Bank (Geni).By the way, I am not saying that it is unacceptable the elites take the advantage of the historical popular movement. I just want to say that it is a common feature of human history.The American Revolution did convey some progress of the history, just like other historical event.Soon after the Revolution, a constitution was passed and a republic state was established although without convincing representative. But the idea of the American Revolution delivered did some what promoted the other historical events in the future. For example, in Ireland, followed after the example of American independence, Irish stared a failed rebellion in 1798. This led to British government’s removing restrictions on Irish trade and allowing Irish Catholics to hold political office. But it is common that certain historical events have some positive effect. Mongol’s invasion to Europe in the 13th century is also described as bloody and evil. This invasion caused approximately numberless death to both civilians and soldiers. but it still delivered a century of peace among neighboring people who were under Mongol rule. This peace allow the reopening of silk road which make the culture exchange between China and Europe continue. And the other important thing Mongols brought to Europe with its bloody battle was gun powder, which eventually help Europeans change the appearance of the world (ThoughtCo).Manchu’s conquest over China is defined as one of the most devastating wars in the history of China. After the battle of Yangzhou, around 800,000 people, including women and children were massacred (Sun Jiahui). According to economic historian Robert Allen, family income in the Yangtze delta, China’s richest province, was actually below Ming levels in 1820 (Robert C. Allen). But after continues war, long period of peace and stability ironically brought by Manchu’s dynasty Qing which made the enormous population growth from 150 million during the late Ming dynasty to approximately 450 million and more ( ConclusionAmerican is bloody and it make the elites gain great benefit from this popular movement, although it can also seen as a progress of the history. It not really remarkable, but not unacceptable either. Looking through the whole human history, those blood and cruelty were there all the time. On this stage, the performers changed, but the script was the same. I know it is sad to say that, but everything happened during its period is just the nature of human being. Hopefully in the future, at some time people in this world will find a way to get out of this recycle. But I will not be surprised at all if somebody tells me that some remarkable person get caught for doing something dirty before.     

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