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As ongoing conflict permeates throughout regions with political unrest, military and coalition forces must be able to meet the continual growth of asymmetrical threats in the modern theatre.

Whether its direct action, special reconnaissance, or military assistant missions, heavy emphasis is being placed on armored vehicles capable of accessing all terrains and operating within the harshest environments. Continued conflicts in the Middle East continues to drive armored vehicle demand, resulting in vehicle types being able to provide tactical mobility across expansive battlefields and urban settings.

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As such, coalition forces and indigenous security forces are heavily reliant open-top special operations vehicles (SOV) capable of executing multi-variant missions.

Throughout the Gulf Coast Countries (GCC), the UAE leads the SOV market with the AJBAN, an open-top long range special operations vehicle (LRSOV). The AJBAN, has been a stalwart mobility solution for the UAE armed forces, having been deployed to execute missions in countries such as Yemen. While this long-range reconnaissance vehicle was originally designed for use by UAE’s Special Forces, it’s modular design and bespoke configuration capabilities enables it to suit various user requirements as needed.

The rise of irregular warfare and the changing landscape of modern theatre means the demand contnues to grow for SOVs. The following key features highlights the extreme capabilities of the AJBAN.

1 Design and features

Based on a 4×4 chassis, the modular configuration of the AJBAN LRSOV seats up to four personnel, with an optional 5th available. This provides all-around situation awareness, perfect for long-range reconnaissance or special operations missions. It’s lightweight chassis and build makes the AJBAN LRSOV the ideal armored vehicle for forward deployment, transportable aircraft or fast ground transit.

A light but powerful option, the AJBAN LRSOV extends the operational reach of special operations forces (SOF) teams, enabling high-speed response to tactical situations in remote sites. As the vehicle’s configuration is based around a multi-purpose platform, the AJBAN LRSOV is adaptable to multi-mission variants according to the user’s requirements. This means that the ABJAN LRSOV can be deployed as a utility vehicle or a fully protected tactical vehicle.

It’s gross weight of 8,000kg enables the AJBAN LRSOV to carry a mission payload weighing no more than 3,000kg.

2 Armaments

The AJBAN LRSOV can be customized to accommodate a range of offensive capabilities. As a fast-insert, lightweight armored SOV, operational offensive capabilities includes a high mounted 12.7mm heavy machine gun ring and gun mounts at all crew positions. Optionally, the vehicle can be outfitted with ballistic and blast protection, enabling it to operation across numerous battlefield conditions and operational environments.

Aside from the gun mounts, other tactical solutions that enables the AJBAN LRSOV to meet various miliitary requirements includes night vision, a hi-tech display monitor and C4I (command, control, communications, computers, and intelligence) systems. The gun mounts can be outfitted with a variety of weapons according to mission requirements. As the

3 Protection

The AJBAN LRSOV comes equipped with a variety of defensive capabilities to enhance crew survivability. As an open-top SOV, situational awareness and tactical mobility is key to providing enhanced crew survivability. Advanced optional protection equipment includes a blast belly plate, ballistic armor kit, and a bullet-proof windshield.

The ballistic and blast protection provides the AJBAN LRSOV with defensive capabilities to defend the vehicle against asymmetrical threats found in today’s battlefield. This includes ballistic threats such as improvised explosive devices (IEDs), mine blasts, and rocket propelled grenades (RPGs). The ballistic armor kit also ensures protection capabilities against small arms fire from ambushes.

4 Performance

A 221kW diesel engine and 6-speed automatic transmission enables the AJBAN LRSOV to accelerate to a max speed of 100kph, while its 700km cruising range provides the key to this vehicle’s long-range reconnaissance capabilities.

Using the latest materials and subsystems, the AJBAN LRSOV offers improved fuel economy. And much like the AJBAN 440 and the rest of the AJBAN family of vehicles, the LRSOV includes a dual circuit air-over hydraulic brake type to provide increased safety and maunvrability across various operational environments. Similarly, the multi-purpose platform its built upon means the LRSOV has commonality of parts across the entire AJBAN family of vehicles, driving down maintenance time and overall costs.

A high capacity winch, central tyre inflation system (CTIS), and run flat inserts, offers tactical mobility and superior reliability a diverse range of terrains, traversing both on- and off-road settings.

The ongoing conflict and evolving nature of asymmetric warfare means vehicles today must evolve to provide increased ballistic protection while maintaining tactical mobility. The AJBAN LRSOV combines outstanding mobility with uncompromising performance to provide critical advantages for combatant groups and military forces operating in some of today’s harshest opreational environments.  

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