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Artilleries were arranged at artillery line. They were arranged for fire the enemy’s shell or shelter. They also barraged on the battlefield. They were located at the back.Machine guns were placed at machine gun nest. They were located in the front line trench. They used to fire enemies at the “No Man’s Land.” One machine gun needed about 2 to 3 people. Front line trench was very dangerous position because the enemy could attack them. Also, sometimes their artillery accidentally attacked them.It was about 8ft deep and 5ft wide. It was built to see and climb out “No Man’s Land.”The area which was between two trenches called “No Man’s Land.” No one had control of that area, so they fought to control that area. It was covered with barbed wire. It was armed with buried land mines. The Zimmerman Telegram said that if Germany cannot maintain its neutrality with the United States, it should form an alliance with Mexico. It was suggested that Mexico would invite Japan to join the alliance and attack the United States. In exchange for financial support, he was told to return Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona from the United States.This poster is effective to people because it is clear, concise and is very direct. Many US people decided to join this army because of this poster makes people think that they are necessary to win the war. It was made from the United States. This poster is effective because it causes those who see it feel guilty that they’re out relaxed and with no worries while there are men risking their lives and enduring pain out in the war. They start to have a sense of duty and responsibility to go help in the war. They will join an army to get rid of their sense of guilt. This poster is very effective because this propaganda emphasizes that the army is waiting for people who see this. It could give some pressure because “Will you fill it?” sounds like you must fill this space. Therefore, this poster is effective. David Lloyd George: He wanted to revenge Germany by making Germany pay what they have done during the war. He also wanted to make weak Germany.Vittorio Orlando: He didn’t want to revenge Germany. However, he resigned before the Treaty of Versailles.Georges Clemenceau: He wanted justice and righteousness, but not revenge. He said that justice is not severe.Woodrow Wilson: He wanted peace. He wanted to make the world safe and peaceful. Also, he wanted to finish the war peacefully. 

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