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            Artificial Intelligence is designing systems that have the cognitive ability. From Google map in our cellphone to driver robots, artificial AI is developing unbelievably. Today, Artificial intelligence is designed to perform limited tasks such as facial identification, search engine or motor vehicle drivers. On the other hand, the long-term goal of AI designers is to create a more strong AI or as they say “general AI”. While limited AI may exceed humans at many tasks, such as playing games like chess or video games and solving math problems and calculations, General AI would surpass humans at almost every cognitive task. The argument about the important role of artificial intelligence in human life have earn more attention in recent years. Now it has become the matter of advantage or disadvantage to the future of human existence in this planet. At the first place, it designed to make the everyday lives of human’s easier. Artificial intelligence has a complicated concept in its essence, so it employs very intricate mixture of computer science, mathematics, and other compound sciences. The complex arrange in programming helps these smart machines reproduce the intellectual abilities of human beings. Technology is an essential part of human progress. Whether it be a simple snake game, SIRI, or an elaborate robot, technology has provided us with many possibilities to conquer the world. Technology is becoming more and more omnipresent and by that the positive and negative sides of AI have been the center of many serious arguments between people who are against or agree with the development of artificial intelligence. (Future of life, 2016) The Artificial intelligence is not a risk for human beings because it has an excellent effect on the development of technology and it can be utilized in carrying out sensitive tasks in medical fields.

            “Autonomous cars, automated trading and smart cities are among the great promises of machine intelligence. But artificial intelligence (AI) promises much more – including being man’s best friend.”(Cliff. Saran, 2015) Even with many arguments against the development of AI and its threat against humanity we can’t ignore its important role in technology. There are many fields in technology that benefits from artificial intelligence. Space exploration is one of the technological fields that benefits from the AI development in this century. Intelligent robots that designed to explore in specific environments like moon have helped astronauts to reach to the areas that is hard for human beings. These robot astronauts designed to endure inhospitable environment of the space. The planetary atmosphere can’t affect their function, so they become the ultimate help to explore unknown space. One of the important aspect of using any technology is safety. Safety is crucial for tech users in any field and any level. For example, fraud detection in specific systems such as ATMs that needs users to provide smart cards to use it become more effective since institutions employed AI to protect their system. Intelligent systems are used as a machine that can teach itself how to react like a human being in certain situations. “Big dog was a robot developed in 2008, funded by the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency and the US Army Research Laboratory’s RCTA programme. It was designed to walk and climb – skills humans master instinctively at an early age, but which cannot easily be programmed into a machine. Instead, researchers applied AI techniques to enable it to learn”. (Cliff. Saran, 2015) In this case, researchers examined Big dog in different terrain such as mountains, ice, sand, etc. They have strong hopes to use Big dog to help soldiers carry heavy stuff in bumpy roads. One of the popular areas that represents AI’s importance is software development. By using AI system, such as (ML) advanced machine learning, developers are able to build applications that learn on their own, so developers spend less time on coded rules to design the basis of any application and instead program algorithms them itself. It is a huge step in software development because it provide designers with time and accuracy. ( Shein . Esther, 2017) There are many benefits of using AI in developing technology in any area. Although, some people believe that there are some risks in using AI when it comes to develop technology, especially the future of intelligent robots and the fact that they may destroy human life but seeing the progress of AI, obviously shows us that they will merge smoothly with human being in future in a way that help us to control our environment better.

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One of the biggest role that AI played in recent decades is helping the medical field. Artificial intelligence has been used in medical field extensively. AI has huge potential for making healthcare system better. For example algorithms which is the inseparable part of AI help doctors to evaluate patients and their health risks easier. According to Informatics Improving Health (AIM), E-Path report is an automated cancer reporting system. E-Path has been used widely in Canada, Us and Australia and it proves its excellence. Using E-Path provide healthcare system with up to 80% labor saving, ultimate accuracy and security complaint. Altogether, it helps physician to sort important data with least time and access extensive datasets for retrospective analysis. The other benefit of AI in medical area is using surgery simulator machines in training surgeons. It is a big step for health care system because before that the only way that surgery students can learn how to perform a surgery was standing beside other surgeons. In this case, using intelligent machines which can simulate the whole surgery help students learn more convenient since intelligent machines can simulate any medical situation so students won’t wait days or months to see an actual case for a specific illness. The other achievement for AI in medical area is Robotic radiosurgery. According to Keck School of medicine of USD,” Robotic radiosurgery also known as Cyber Knife is a non- invasive alternative which designed to treat tumors throughout the body. The Cyber Knife System uses image – guidance and computer controlled robotics to deliver multiple beams of high-energy radiation to the tumor from virtually any direction. Designed to treat tumors anywhere in the body with sub-millimeter accuracy, the Cyber Knife System tracks the tumor’s position, detects any tumor or patient movement and automatically corrects the treatment delivery.”

There are many concerns engaged with AI and its benefits and potential threats for human beings. It is undeniable that in today’s world AI plays a huge role and our lives are dependent on it in many levels. From our cellphone’s applications to astronaut robots AI helps us to make our day to day life much easier. Although, concerns about unemployment in future seems a real risk but there is hope that scientist will figure out how to merge human labor with robots. AI’s advantages and dis advantages should be precisely considered because its main and only role is to make human life more convenience.  All the things that has been created in our world is the constant consequence of intelligence. So if we will keep intelligent technology advantageous we will protect our civilization.

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