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            This documentation is written to
draw attention towards the research and development in artificial intelligence.
How artificial intelligence came into existence, what are the advantages of
A.I. and its drawbacks, how in near future these intelligent robots will take
place in different sectors and will perform the jobs of human beings with their

           This documentation also compares
human with artificial intelligence in the different aspects of life, their productivity,
their intelligence and potentials to do a particular task. Classification of Artificial
Intelligence on the basis of their intelligence is described in short.

           This gives an idea about how we in
near future will are going to connect with A.I. for research and sustainable

KEYWORDS: Artificial Intelligence, Humans,
Technology, Research and development.



                The term
Artificial Intelligence was first used in 19th century. Artificial
Intelligence is a computer system which has intelligence as like human beings
and can perform tasks which require human intelligence such as visual
perception, making decisions, voice diagnose and ability to think like humans.

                 Artificial Intelligence is classified into
three categories namely weak A.I., strong A.I., and singularity A.I., today we
are mainly using weak Artificial Intelligence. Examples of A.I. Siri (iphone),
amazon, flipkart, automatic car, ridesharing apps like uber and lyft.


                There is a chance of doing
mistake when human performs certain jobs, but at the same time machines does do
any mistake. Humans need everyday rest whereas machines don’t need rest. Jobs done
by machines are more efficient than humans, even robots and machines require
less time to do certain task as compared to humans. Hard physical jobs can be
easily done with help of machines. Thus with the use of robots and machines we
can get optimum result. So in order to enhance productivity, efficiency,
advancement in communication, technology, research and development we need artificial









                                 USES AND APPLICATIONS OF ARTIFICIAL

AGRICULTURE: With the help of A.I. in agriculture we can change
agriculture pattern revolutionary enhancement in production, cultivation, fertility
of soil maintenance, etc could be seen. Drones and robots would be supervising
farms 24/7 which is not possible for humans.

FACTORIES: Every industries and factories pay money to their workers for doing
job for 8 to 10 hours. If workers are replaced by machines and robots factories
and industries need to pay only once to buy machines after which these machines
and robots would work for 24/7 without salary by increasing productivity within
less time. Only cost for factories and industries will be for their

MEDICALS: Good medical facilities can be provided to all with the help if A.I. we
need specialized doctors for the treatment of diseases like cancer, tumor,
heart diseases, surgery, etc. if we develop A.I. as a doctor can be easily treated
with only single A.I. robot. In case of communicable diseases human doctor can
be affected but A.I. will not be even get touched by such diseases. In operations
there is a chance of losing life by even small mistake but with the help of
A.I. we can overcome with these risks. Sensitive and critical cases can be easily
handle by Artificial Intelligence.

can improve our educating system with very effective learning techniques. Students
can ask their doubts any time to these A.I. robots. We require different
teachers for different subjects but in case of A.I. as a teacher only a single
A.I. can teach any subject as like expert of the subject. Teachers may get
tired by teaching one and the same thing again and again which will not be
happened in case of A.I., A.I. can also suggest us about new and effective innovating
ideas of learning.

country want their defense power to be very strong this can be increased
exponentially with the help of A.I. border arm forces can be replaced by strong
A.I. robots which will definitely increase defense power but at the same time
loss of life can be prevented. Drones could be used instead of jets, planes. Automatic
tanks, submarines, advanced weapons could definitely increase defense power
which will definitely very much stronger than human arm forces.

DEVELOPMENT: Day by day we are enhancing our technologies, we are developing
new technologies we overcomes with drawbacks of previous one, but still we are
unable to develop 100% accurate technology for sustainable development, we don’t
have pollution free gadgets. With help of A.I. we in near future will be able
to answer many unanswered questions of Universe and we will be able to develop
highly advanced technologies with which human life will be more comfortable and
easy as compared to history.


         As we have discussed above all the possible benefits
and advantages of A.I. in different aspects of life by which human life will be
very comfortable, easy going as compared to human history. But question arises
that today we human are the most developed and living being on this Earth, we
all work together in different fields and sectors but we are developing with
humanity towards our future. As A.I. takes place of humans in performing
different jobs then what humans will do? There will be many people jobless,
unemployment can be seen everywhere at large scale. People will remain with
very less opportunity and competition rate will be very high. After the
development of A.I. at large scale in all sectors world which is today is in
hand of human will not be any more in the hands of human, now new leaders will
be Artificial Intelligence. So we need to take each and every step very
carefully in a very planned and experimented way in the development of A.I. on
large scale.


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