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Artificial Intelligence is basically intelligence displayed by machines . It is an area of computer science which deals with creating machines intelligent enough to work, interpret and react like humans. The traditional problems of AI research include traits like knowledge , reasoning ,problem solving, perception , planning and the ability to manipulate objects. AI has become a huge area of research and exploration and many things are yet to be explored about this field.Applications:BCI: Human Brain versus AIAI is approaching a technological inflection point that will probably alter the global perspective someday. The opportunity to capitalize on this technological beast may be found it BCIs. Mankind is on its next phase of evolution , we will transition from being emotionally attached to smartphones to forming and intellectual symbiosis with computer systems. Human beings will start mainlining their data flow though AI based BCIs. These interfaces may be invasive -like cochlear ear implants for deaf patientsor neural arrays for those suffering with Parkinson’s or non-invasive devices to be worn like helmets or skull caps. The basic cellular unit of brain , Neuron can be loosely considered analogous to transistors in modern day computers. But, there being 100 billion neurons in the human brain, human brain functioning is seemingly superior to that of computer systems. Although some AIs are so advance that they can easily beat humans at games like chess, checkers etc.But the only limitation is that humans are output constrained. They can orient and decide well but struggle to act spontaneously. This is due to inherent latency in gross motor responses . Neuroergonomic approach to interfacing will help humans to make appropriate decisions with the help of AI. The humans ability to orient will be augmented by the AI , synthesizing and processing huge amounts of data to understand the environment, and the symbiotic mind will determine the likely outcomes of potential actions and allow the person to go for the best plausible option.Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has found a BCI venture called Neuralink , which will focus on creating devices which can be implanted in the human brain ,helping humans not only to cure medically but also to merge with software and keep pace with accelerating advancements in AI. Its eventual purpose is to merge natural intelligence with digital intelligence.Ever since this , BCI technologies have received enormous attention from countless experts even to this day,  some say that through BCI, AI can power machines which will be able to understand human emotions without and physical or vocal communication. While some are saying that this technology is essentially built to hack the brain , the BCI technology is itself at risk of being hacked by AI. This technology could exacerbate social inequalities and open up new ways to manipulate people.

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