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 Artificial Intelligence (AI), a term that has been predominantly made popular to the masses through science-fiction novels, comics and movies. However, in the current time, the term Artificial Intelligence is not a fiction anymore, it is a rapidly developing and heavily invested technology of the present day. Computer programs follow the set of instructions coded by a programmer. Artificial Intelligence has its origin from a computer program. However,  the major difference between an AI and a computer program is the AI’s ability to function autonomously and individually like a human worker. In Artificial Intelligence, instead of instructions and conditions, reasoning is coded into its program. Reasoning is the human ability that we use to make decisions. AI uses the coded reasoning to make real time decisions for any kind of situation it may face during its functioning. The theory of AI may sound simple, but it is a monumental task to create an AI, which is comparable to a complete human intelligence. At most, even the most advanced AI of the present day  is nothing more than an infant, as the technology is just scraping at its potential. However, even in such a case, the current development and implementation of AI has already become a game-changer, aiding the development of humanity towards a future that may as well be the Space Age.The given below are the factors that make Artificial Intelligence, a game changer for development :A miraculous ability to compute: – AI’s most basic function nowadays is to collect and compute a voracious amount of data. AI makes the maximum use of its hardware components and computes data many times ahead of a human with a computer of similar hardware components. The computing ability of AI has made operations more efficient in various fields. Addition of AI in ERPs (Enterprise Resource Planning) has led to handle vast volumes of data to make real time business decision for enhanced efficiency. The ability to learn: – When we talk about the computation, we cannot miss the AI’s ability to analyze and learn from data. AI is designed to replicate human intelligence; one of the most powerful ability of the human brain is to learn. AI will not just process the data, but will also learn from it. AIs’ are employed in many big name brands to help them in making valuable business decisions. IBM’s multi-billion dollar brainchild is an AI called Watson, which helps in recommending cancer patients suitable current treatments according to their cancer mutations and levels. Consistent stellar performance: – Another game changing factor of AI is its consistency. Unlike human workforce, an AI is less prone to errors and decrease of performance due to exhaustion. An AI might as well perform 24 hours and 365 days a year, as long as its hardware and software does not malfunction. The Automated Teller Machine that exists around the globe is a testament to this fact. This feat is impossible without the tireless ability of AI.Omnipresent expert: – The human history has seen many exceptional minds who have pushed forth human civilization towards a new era. However, even the legends of the past are one among the tens of millions. It is impossible to expect a second and third Einstein. Alas, with the Artificial Intelligence at the level of a human genius, we can mass-produce as many as geniuses that we want, which can be utilized in various locations and different fields.Infinite Improvement: – Artificial Intelligence has made headlines for more than a decade. If one thing that is constant with its decade long news release, it would be its improvements. The well-advanced AIs’ of the present day has the ability to learn on its own. The current digital era has enabled the AIs’ to have access to an unimaginable amount of data. The more the data are processed, the more information that is fed into the AI’s database, with improved information, comes better reasoning ability. The more the rationale the reasoning of an AI, the more human it becomes.Immortal existence: – Any human expert from the time immemorial has only a limited period of existence. It is the heavenly constraint on all living beings. However, Artificial Intelligence has the ability to conquer time. As a man made entity, AI is an existence that can stand the test of time. The above-mentioned factors clearly state why Artificial Intelligence is a game changer for development. Every factor mentioned has transcended human ability. It is not a stretch to state that Artificial Intelligence is helping humanity in breaking through its natural limitations. It is with human intelligence we have created the world of today, maybe it is with the Artificial Intelligence we will build the world of tomorrow, transcending the boundaries of our imagination.

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