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Medicare at 50 by David Blumenthal, M.D., M.P.P., Karen Davis, Ph.D., and
Stuart Guterman, M.A.

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purpose of this article was to narrate the creation of Medicare as a momentous
health care program and explain how it came to be, what it has helped to accomplished,
and how it has changed over the past fifty years.



is able provide a full range of services including preventative, inpatient and
outpatient care, prescription drug coverage, etc. It’s important to understand
how Medicare came in to being in order to truly comprehend what policies are
needed today to address certain issues that have arose within the past couple
of years. As health care costs are on the rise, the federal government is under
pressure to provide adequate health care services to an aging population of
baby-boomers who have greater and more complex medical needs.


beneficiaries are not the only stakeholders to be negatively impacted by rising
health care cost. In addition, the healthcare industry as a whole may suffer if
the elderly are under-insured and not receiving adequate treatment for their
illnesses. Moreover, policymakers are going to face pressure from constituents
to advocate and introduce policies that enable beneficiaries to continue to receive
the same health care services, whilst still containing costs.


Evidence &

the authors didn’t express a stance, they used survey data, population
statistics, and financial figures that illustrated either growth or
depreciation of various factors relating to Medicare.


Results &

article examined how Medicare has evolved into a much larger and complex
healthcare program. In spite of major change and progress, Medicare has several
outstanding limitations and projected challenges such as rising costs, increasing
complexity of the program itself, limited access to care for the elderly
population, and gaps in coverage resulting in unmet needs. Addressing these
major concerns would bring Medicare closer to achieving the mission it was originally
intended to fulfill.


& Feedback

article adequately explained how and why Medicare was formed and how it changed
to the needs of the American population. The article poses questions relevant
to some of the health care issues the U.S. is faced with today, which
encourages policies to amend or adapt certain statues within Medicare to better
fit the needs of a dynamic American population.


only limitation within the article was its lack of structure in organizing each
subtopic within each section; otherwise, the content itself was exceptional and
clearly written.


article did not aim to take a certain stance but rather stated all of the facts
in chronological order. Therefore, it didn’t influence the reader in anyway.

However, it does make one more aware of how much Medicare has changed since
it’s inception in 1965. 

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