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Art is the application of human imagination and ability, and humanity’s interpretation of the world. It provides an outlet for the artist to create beauty within emptiness. It has the potential to elicit powerful emotional reactions and give meaning to both the creator’s life and to the lives of others. Marcel Proust, a French novelist, declared that “Only through art can we emerge from ourselves and know what another person sees”. Art gives individuals the opportunity to present the world as seen through their eyes in a way that transcends mere conversation. Going beyond simple beauty, art provides pleasure and a feeling of joy in life. Art is the very essence and soul of humanity.To begin to understand its importance and impact in (or not in) the world, it is essential to understand what constitutes “art”. Though the first thought that comes to mind is fine arts, like painting and drawing, art encompasses much more. Art is drama and performance, photography, film, music, literature and writing, fashion, design, architecture and more. The diversity of art emphasizes how deeply rooted it is in our culture and our lives. Art holds great significance in both the social and personal realms of our lives. Socially, art has historically been known to reflect the current state of society, the trends, the history, and the values that humankind holds dear, acting as a catalyst for change in society. Some art can even catalyze social revolution on topics previously known to be taboo, stimulating conversations that work to create change. Music has been an especially influential art form in wider society. John Lennon’s “Imagine” described his desire for world peace, inspiring people to this day to achieve to this goal as well, or Joni Mitchell’s “Big Yellow Taxi”, which addressed her concern for the environment. In response to a bombing at one of her concerts in Manchester this year, Ariana Grande organized a concert called “One Love Manchester” in collaboration with many other artists  as a response to hate, promoting  unity among people. Additionally, art is universal – it can be used to broker relationships between people globally, regardless of language or nationality or age. It is a mode of communication that does not discriminate, but rather is used as a tool to forge deep bonds between global citizens. Art has deep value in a more personal sense as well. For one, art is a powerful medium for self-expression – for those who lack the means to be verbally articulate, art eloquently serves as their voice. Additionally, art holds great therapeutic value, serving as a platform for the individual to face and overcome adversity with enhanced strength. Someone battling depression may find solace in channelling personal experiences into drawings, or listening to records. Altogether, art serves huge purpose within the greater realm of society and the individual’s own world. It’s an aspect of life that people encounter every day.Taking all of this into account, it’s hard to imagine a life without art – it’s such a powerful and essential aspect of life. Even if we accepted the world plainly without art, life would be stripped of the enhancement and inspiration that it provides in a more intimate sense and as a window to the souls of others. Life would be bland. One dimensional. Colourless. Monotonous. Pointless. There would be no means in which one could channel their artistic creativity. A life without art would simply be going through the motions, accepting whatever reality that we live in. Out of the billions of people in the world, it is fair to say that nobody had recognized the possibility of a life absent of art more than artists themselves. George Bernard Shaw, a playwright, stated that “Without art, the crudeness of reality would make the world unbearable”. It is certainly not to be said that we should turn a blind eye to the tragedies and difficulties of the world, but in times of great distress, art is an escape, a reminder that despite the harshness of the world, there is still softness and beauty. Vincent van Gogh proclaimed that “The only time I feel alive is when I’m painting”. Art gives one a sense of joy and alertness, a feeling of accomplishment and progress and not staticity. ABBA sang “Who can live without it? I ask in all honesty, what would life be? Without a song or a dance, what are we?”. Without these arts, how can we determine the purpose of humanity? A life that is dispassionately comprised of the pursuit of sciences and logic and plain reality cannot be the complete reason for humanity to exist. In reflection, I can’t help but notice how surrounded I am by art. The paint on my walls, the drawings and paintings that decorate it, the pattern on my blanket, the clothing on my back, the design of the lamp that sits on my desk. From the hue of lipstick that I apply in the morning to the hospital building  that my father works in – all of this is owed to the creativity ingenuity of artists of all walks of life. Art enriches the standard of life that I lead and the lives of the masses in ways that are nearly incomprehensible. So I wonder – a life that has been stripped of art, that appears dull, dreary, and unexciting – a life that has been stripped of so many joys and beautiful things – is this a life worth living? In fact, is this living at all? Doesn’t an experience as bleak as this approach suffering more than it does living? Take away fine arts – there goes the painting on your wall, your daughter’s drawing that she made for you for father’s day. Take away music – say goodbye to that record, the one that you played one day in a diner just because you liked it which just so happened to be that other man’s favourite record, the man who became your best friend. Remove drama and performance and you will have never known Romeo and Juliet or Hamlet or Swan Lake. Film goes, and so do your favourite movies, those beloved Thursday night T.V. show traditions that you’ve held onto for so long. Where would we even begin to accumulate knowledge without literature and writing? Without architecture, where would we be living, or what would we be living in, and without fashion, would people still be naked and wearing fig leaves?John Martin, director of University College London’s Centre for Cardiovascular Biology and Medicine, concluded that “If Einstein had not written down E=mc2, another scientist would one day have done so, but no one else could have written Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony”. Humans are more than machines. We cannot simply survive on bread and water and science and basic knowledge. Sciences and mathematics may help humans to run more efficiently and understand universal constants and to understand the behaviours of the world as it has been given to us. But humans run much deeper than this – they have a soul and spirit that cannot be satisfied by scientific disciplines alone. Human beings require the arts in life to ensure

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