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I am proposing the
Exposure 2.0 Festival. The annual festival is scheduled to take place from February
5th to 11th in Calgary Alberta Canada. Our mission is to be part of the progress in
turning Western Canada into a cultural phenomenon and one of the world’s art
capitals. We are dedicated to promoting and showcasing photography
excellence, highlighting the evolution of Canadian cities, its history, and
outside influences. Our aim is to educate society and inspire the younger generations
and people with disabilities, on the importance of being accepting diverse
cultures. Amateurs and
professionals, and photographers of all ages and interest levels are
welcomed. Our aim is to deliver challenging events that stimulate a critical debate on
photography in all its forms: digital and analogue, new and historic, still and
moving and contemporary art. Providing a selection of fine art to be
appreciated by the general public and international audience, while bringing
life to certain social issues and customs.

Our labour staffs is set to include open
volunteer opportunity for high school level students interested in Fine Arts
through the Calgary Board of Education. We would also welcome volunteers from
the students of University of Calgary, SAIT, ACAD and Mount Royal University art
departments. Alongside students, our volunteer positions are open to the
general public with an interest in arts. The volunteer experiences offered by
us will provide further opportunities for professional career development and
understanding towards the visual arts sector. The involvement will include; assisting
in key aspects of operations when needed, leading up to the festival and during
the festival period, including being part of the events team, providing
exhibition installation support, invigilation or being in the role of
information assistants and event stewards, and ambassadors. Helping to conduct
the evaluation process during and after the festival. Food and drinks will be
provided daily for all volunteers to entice and lure more individuals to join.

Our Festival welcomes proposals from
emerging, mid-career, established or amateur Canadian and international artists
and curators for the 2018 Exhibitions program. The call is open for solo or
group exhibitions on any subject matter, and to all photo-based practices. Building on the success and the learning from
the previous festivals, a key feature of the education programme is the
involvement of students from the University of Calgary, SAIT, ACAD and Mount
Royal University. This festival will utilize the wealth of expertise and talent
of Calgary’s student community, setting up opportunities for the development of
professional skills, and bringing fresh ideas, and new ways of working into the
classroom. An exhibition will be dedicated to students from each university,
giving them a chance to display their work on a qualified stage, providing the
necessary platform to advance their photography careers.

A proposed exhibition is “What does one do
with such a clairvoyant image?” By Dana Claxton, Stephanie Comilang, Kapwani
Kiwanga, Dylan Miner, Martine Syms, Tania Willard. This group exhibition explores
questions of sovereignty, nationhood, and identity through strategies of
speculative fiction and alternative histories of land and landscape.

Another exhibition is to be dedicated to 19th
Century Early Views of Calgary: 1875–1900 which will display historical landmark
photographs of Calgary, focusing on both the urbanization of major settlements,
and the landscape of villages throughout the province. The exhibition should show
a snapshot of early Calgary through its architecture and infrastructure. With a
call for submission, a partnership with Glenbow museum and the Calgary public
library would be valuable to gain access to early photos of Calgary for the
related events. 1873 – John Glenn was the first documented European settler in
the Calgary area. 1875 – Originally named Fort Brisebois, after NWMP officer
Éphrem-A. Brisebois, it was renamed Fort Calgary by Colonel James Macleod. 1882
– First sawmill on the Bow River 1883 – The Canadian Pacific Railway reached
the area and a rail station was constructed. 1884 – Calgary was officially
incorporated as a town and elected its first mayor, George Murdoch. 1885 –
Calgary Police Service established. 1886 – The Calgary Fire of 1886. 1888 –
Anglican Diocese of Calgary established. 1891 – Calgary and Edmonton Railway
opened. 1894 – It was incorporated as “The City of Calgary” in what
was then the North-West Territories. 1900 – Downtown East Village, Calgary

In addition to the other two, an additional display
will be dedicated to 20th Century Early Views of Calgary: 1902–1999
.1912 – The Calgary Stampede is held for the first time. 1915-18 – Mewata
Armouries constructed. 1919 – The Victory Stampede was Calgary’s second rodeo,
honoring the end of the Great War. 1923 – The Calgary Stampede held for the
third time and annually since then. 1932-33 – The Glenmore Dam is constructed.
1947 – Stampede Wrestling established. 1967 – Construction of the Husky Tower
Calgary Tower started. Opened to public June 30, 1968. 1970 – First +15
enclosed pedestrian walkway constructed downtown. 1984 – Suncor Energy Centre
completed construction and becomes the new tallest building in Calgary. 1988 –
Calgary hosts the 1988 Winter Olympics. 1989 – Bankers Hall-East completed
construction. 1996 – Canadian Pacific Railway moved its head office from
Montreal to Calgary. 1999 – Hub Oil explosion

A proposed exhibition
to promote, support and educate kids with disability that will be curated by
Studio C and In-Definite Arts. The exhibition should include two traditional
and salon styles featuring the talents of emerging artists with disabilities at
the IDAS Optimist Gallery. Jury Committee for selection of art should include
Aeliot Blackwell, Lucy Aburto, Paula Timm and Aaron Sidorenko.

One of the proposed locations for exhibition
is Motion Gallery is an independent volunteer run not for profit society, and
an artist support gallery offering local emerging artists a space to display
their art. The Yellow Warehouse is spacious and should offer an
esteemed and authentic feel in hosting certain exhibitions. The Yellow warehouse
is located on 17th avenue, with parking space that should alleviate the need of
guests to be deterred from attending the festival due to parking concerns or
restrictions. In case of an unforeseen event that causes the cancellation of
Yellow warehouse as a venue, another proposed venue to hold the event would be
Eau Claire’s market. If both venues were conflicting, a third option is at the
Pump House Theater. This venue is also beneficial as it includes a stage to be
used for the First Nations Dance Performance.The singers and dancers will be representing
the Treaty seven tribes of Southern Alberta, the Siksika, Kainia, Piikuni,
Stoney Nakoda, and Tsuu T’ina Nation. This performance would be an essential
part of the festival that showcases diverse cultures while promoting
inclusivity.  A community theatre performance of indigenous
& Ethno-Cultural Artists will also take place known as Ethno Cultural
Council of Calgary Presents Our Canada Our Story. Which will involve
the exploration in histories of existence, colonization, immigration, survival,
healing and resilience that shaped what we are now as Canada. This event is to
be held at Jack Singer Concert Hall.

exhibition curated by, Cindy Collins who was registered in Foundations of
Photography level 1 at Mount Royal University and completed Certificate in
Photography. Having previously lived in a rural farming community, she recalls
the vast amount of history, beauty, and stories these locations hold, a great
deal which should be captured and remembered. With how drastically life is
changing and how busy individuals lives have become, her thought that
photography in the prairies brings her back to a place where lives were simple
and built on hard work and determination. She has used photography, as a medium
to appreciate the simple things and that there is beauty and meaning in

An exhibition curated by C. Elise Mullen’s
which will involve capturing the arrangement of man-made objects and nature in
the right light. Inspired by the everyday urban scene that turns into a piece
of art when you are in the right places at the right me. She looks for patterns
like light reflecting of a wet road, or the negative space of the sky around
light posts. Her fascination with light is due to her tumid lupus diagnosis, a
photosensitive skin disorder. She can’t enjoy the sun’s rays but she loves the
art it creates. Her artwork is based on her travel photography from near and
far, the inspiration is everywhere! C. Elise Mullen received her Bachelor of
Fine Arts from the Alberta College of Art and Design (ACAD).

A proposed event is
the NOOR Documentary, a collective
uniting a select group of highly accomplished photojournalists documenting,
investigating and witnessing our world. NOOR has been dedicated to covering the
struggles for human rights and social justice around the world.

From underreported conflicts, often making lengthy inquiries into the
lives of the women and children, to climate change and rising sea levels, via
racial discrimination in the USA and modern day slavery, NOOR – an Arabic word
meaning light – has shone a light on the world’s inequalities, seizing the
power of photography for social awareness, resistance and change. NOOR by NOOR
is a unique curation by NOOR photographers and a fascinating visual journey
into NOOR archives with more than 130 pictures shot during the last decade
around the world. Exploring ten years of NOOR, each photographer is digging
into the archive of another NOOR photographer and selected a body of work that
they feel best reflects what binds NOOR as a group: a confrontation to the
dominant narrative to inspire empathy and action through visual storytelling
with integrity and passion.


Education activities form an intrinsic part
of the programme. Through artist led panel discussion we seek to engage the
public in photographic practice and debate. Within these activities we aim to
provide breaks for learning and amusement that inspire and support
participants’ critical understanding of photography. Proposed panel discussion
members include Sandi Coates, Wade
McDonald is an instructor at Ridgewater College (Willmar campus) and Karen
Hunnicutt-Meyer. A proposed Free Black North
Explored a conversation lead by Julie Crooks on her exhibition Free Black
North. The program includes a panel of artists, writers and scholars who
discuss how, historically, Black Canadian communities used photography as a
tool to visualize and lay claim to their complex histories, and how these
issues shape the lives of Black Canadians today.

Among the events set to take place during our
festival is an amateur portfolio review opportunity with Professional artists
for a scheduled day. This portfolio
review will be offering participating photographers the opportunity to present
their work to prominent members of the photographic community, giving them
access to professionals that will provide advice, guidance, and networking
opportunities. Photographers will share their work with reviewers in one-on-one
meetings. Children
events are dedicated to educating the instruction of camera use and other child
friendly workshops along with an exhibition contest for younger-aged children. Another event would be an Intro to Basic Photography workshop with Zak L.
Dedicated to educating participants on ISO, Shutter speed and aperture. Giving
those with an interest and no prior experience in photography to educate
themselves on the techniques involved.

Our proposed Marquee event would be Wolfgang
Tillmans discussing the
social and the political 2003 invasion of Iraq as its starting point.
Portraits, landscapes and everyday still life’s, merge with abstract works and
images of activism and turbulence. Bringing together works in an exciting
variety of photographs, all staged by the artist. This would be our most
challenging feature as Tillman is an international renowned German

would be seeking sponsorship from CANON, collaboration with Hutchinson
Photography Club to organize and run our workshops, Paint Addict Studios. We
are currently looking into another media sponsors like the Calgary Herald to
aid in the promotion of our event.  

partners will include Pump House Theater and
TRUK Contemporary Art, which were founded in 1983 as a
non-profit center run by artists and are dedicated to the development and
public presentation of contemporary art. Their goal is to encourage local
dialogue about contemporary art and to engage in international critical
discourse through dynamic programming, experimentation and innovation. It participates
in countless activities and events supporting the appreciation of contemporary
arts and the development of culture within the city and nationwide. TRUK also
teams up with other art groups and non-profit organizations for collaborative
events and activities – the current exhibition program of 15 annual shows is
split over the different venues, eight of which are held at the main space, and
others at the +15 Window and on CAMPER, a modified 1975 Dodge Empress
motor-home (also known as the Contemporary Art Mobile Public Exhibition Rig). We
strongly believe we could propose a partnership as our vision for this
exhibition aligns with Exposure 2.0 festival.

partner and fellow exhibition space would be The Esker Foundation, founded in
2012 by philanthropists and art patrons Jim and Susan Hill, is the largest
privately funded, non-commercial young contemporary art gallery of its kind in
Calgary. Esker Foundation’s vision is the ‘advancement of contemporary art
through the production and presentation of innovative artistic and curatorial
projects’. Their exhibition programme features three to four exhibitions per
year in the main gallery space with another four exhibitions commissioned per
year for the street-level Project Space. The Project Space would offer us an
exciting alternative exhibition venue dedicated to presenting challenging,
responsive projects by emerging and established artists that directly address
issues in contemporary art and engage with the Inglewood neighbourhood. Here we
would display “New Work By a New Generation” Curated by Bob Boyer, Robert Houle
& Carol Phillips. Artists: Abraham Anghik, Carl Beam, Bob Boyer, Domingo
Cisneros, Douglas Coffin, Larry Emerson, Phyllis Fife, Harry Fonseca, Robert
Houle, George C. Longfish, Leonard Paul, Edward Poitras, Jaune Quick-To-See
Smith, R. Lee White and Dana A. Williams. These artists are individuals with
North American Indian ancestry who are applying contemporary art concepts,
techniques and styles, but retain connections to their personal heritage. This
would greatly fit with the goal and vision of the Esker foundation.


A partnership with The SPARK Disability Art
Festival would be ideal, this organization is committed to equity and
inclusion and welcomes all artists who self-identity as Deaf, having
a disability or living with mental health barriers. This includes: emerging and
established artists with developmental, physical, or sensory disabilities,
mental health barriers, brain injury, and/or chronic illness. This will align
wit our vision of touching the lives of kids and adults with disabilities.


Our potential funders will include The
City Of Calgary, Alberta Foundation For The Arts, Calgary Arts Development whose
goal of the Operating Grant Program is to ensure that Calgary arts
organizations have the opportunity to excel and strategically achieve their
mandates with a stable base of resources. The Operating Grant Program invests
annually in non-profit organizations with year-round, arts-driven operations,
prioritizing organizations that demonstrate high artistic impact, public impact
and organizational resiliency. Our collaboration with the PumpHouse Theater
should give us this non-profit status and enable us to pursue this grant. We
would accept individual donations online, by phone, mail or in person.

evaluation process will be taking place where a questionnaire will be
distributed to the attendees of the event, to see the impact each exhibition
had and the value it presented to the community of Calgary. 

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