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Arlene RamirezProfessor WrightEnglish 11128, January 2018Why should DACA be reinstated?Imagine going from having an average lifestyle to being seen as a criminal and being in danger of losing everything one has worked for in the past few years. It may sound like a work of fiction but for the Dreamers (children brought to the U.S. illegally) it is a very realistic situation. The reason for this is because the Trump administration has sought out to end DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals), a program in which Dreamers can be granted legal status if they fall under certain criteria. Trump has set a deadline to end the program or find an alternative. This has now put many Dreamers and Congress members into turmoil as the deadline to find an alternative for the program shortens. DACA should be reinstated because it would benefit the economy, help their family, and the government has invested a lot into it.To begin with,     DACA would benefit the economy by driving up the workforce. Without the Dreamers, the government would lose millions of dollars in tax money. This would affect government-funded programs such as schools, prisons, and Medicaid/Medicare. Furthermore, it would financially hurt businesses nationwide because they would lose employees and consumers. Resulting in these businesses losing money and a decrease in cash flow. Without DACA the government would lose money due to a loss of processing fees of renewals.Additionally, reinstating DACA would help their families financially. It would help by providing Dreamers jobs and help put their children through school.  There would be no fear of where the families next meal would come from and ensure that their families would have a roof over their heads. Keeping DACA would help provide families with emotional stability. By having a legal status, they wouldn’t live in fear of deportation.Finally, the government has spent a lot of time, effort and money into DACA. They have spent time and effort by fighting to keep the program running for five years. They’ve spent money by putting Dreamers through school, giving the job skills and various occupations. Ending the program means losing years of labor and hard-working people just to send these people back to their country of origin.In conclusion, reinstating DACA would have a positive financial impact on the government. DACA would also provide emotional and financial stability for their families. Lastly, the government has already invested a lot in the program.

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