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areas to be taken into account for the
full participation in society of persons with disabilities and create following

Does public
funding provided to cultural, leisure/touristic and sporting facilities and
organizations require compliance with accessibility standards?

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Do general
accessibility plans include the elimination of barriers in culture, recreation,
leisure and sport?

Is the State
providing support to disability-specific initiatives in the area of sports and

Is the State
promoting and supporting deaf culture?


National Policy for Persons with

Provision will be made for special sports, cultural and recreation for physical,
mental, intellectual, and social development of people with disability.

Policy: Sports,
cultural and recreational activities will be carried out in accordance with the
nature of disability and necessary human resources related to this will be
developed for physical, mental, intellectual and social development of people
with disability.

Appropriate provisions will be made
to provide access to people with disability in entertainment sports, gardens


·       Trainers training program will be carried out to operate
sports, cultural and recreational activities for people with disability.

·       Provision will be made for an additional unit for development
of sports related to people with disability in addition to provision for
representation of people with disability in the National Sports Council.

·       Provisions will be made for sports and recreation in
educational institutions where children with disability study in accordance to
nature, and necessary materials and assistance related to this will be provided


The National Disability Sports Organisations :The National Disability Sports Organisations are a
good starting point for many disabled people who want to be more active. They
provide advice, support and opportunities for people of all ages with specific

The eight NDSOs
are: British Blind Sport, Cerebral Palsy Sport, Dwarf Sports Association UK,
LimbPower, Mencap, Special Olympics Great Britain, UK Deaf Sport and Willpower Together,
the NDSOs created Accessible sport for you. A handy
information guide for disabled people. The pack includes information about
activities and sporting opportunities you can enjoy with support from the

Achievements and Performance of Sports
for Disable in India 

·       Handicapped sports are also included in
prestigious ARJUNA AWARDS since1995.

·       There are championships as Disabled
cricket, blind cricket which are conducted every year

·       There were more than 150 players from
14 countries participated in APC Badminton Cup which was held in December 2008

·       In IWAS World Games more than 680
athletes from 43 countries took part and India stood 2ndin Medal Tally with a
total of 110 medals which was hosted in the year 2009 at Bangalore.

·       Gold Medal with the World Record at the
2004 Athens Paralympics Games.

·       Special Olympics Bharat is a National
sports Federation, recognized by the Ministry of Sports and Youth Affairs,
Government of India. The team representing India at 2011 Special OlympicsWorld
Summer Games brought back 243 (78 Gold, 73 Silver and 92 Bronze) medals forthe
country. The Roller Skating team got 31Gold, 12 Silver and 15 Bronze. whereas
in Athletics (6 Gold, 10 Silver, 14 Bronze), Badminton (2 Gold, 4 Silver, 1
Bronze),Basketball (Boys– 10 Silver, Girls 10 Bronze), Bocce (4 Gold, 4 Silver, 1 Bronze),Cycling
(7 Gold, 6 Silver, 11Bronze), Football (5th Place), Handball (Boys – 12 Gold, Girls– 12 Silver), Power Lifting(3 Gold, 5 Silver, 6
Bronze), Table Tennis (4 Gold, 3Silver, 2 Bronze), and Volleyball (Bronze for
Boys and Girls).


Other Special Events

·       Special Olympics Bharat was given
responsibility for the conduct of these inclusive sports programs in, two major
inclusive schemes, one for the Disabled and other PYKKA which were activated in

·       Specialist Trainers from the UK
conducted two Trains the Trainer courses specifically for inclusive games for
disabled through International Inspiration Program of the British Council. They
trained 60 Master Tutors in two courses held in Goa and New Delhi. These Master
Tutors conducted the training of the first 60 Master Tutors who trained the
first 600 to top Trainees in the LNUPE University to
conduct inclusive sports for all children with all disabilities.


Special Awards / Recognition

·       Mr. Satish Pillai was honored for his
contribution to the promotion of sports in the country with the Dhyan Chand
Life time award by the President of India .

·       The De Rozio Award for excellence in
Human Enrichment and Education.

·       In the Special Educators Category was
awarded to Ms.Lina Bardhan.

·        Area Director SOBhara – West Bengal
who has served the Special Olympics Program for more then20 years

·       Rehabilitation Council of India has
recognised training done by Special Olympic Bharat which is an organisation
recognised by Government of India for approval of education method for the
special educators.

·       All the educators undergoing training will
be accredited with 30 CRE points to fulfill the requirement of 100 points
overperiod of 2 years for renewal of their education certificate for the
training conducted by Special Olympic Bharat at Lakshmi Bai National University
of Physical Education, Sports Authority of India and Community Coaches

·       National Trust felicitates 20 Special
Olympians from different states whorepresented India at the 2007 Special
Olympics Summer Games were awardedwith a plaque, shawl and rs.25000/ ?at the functions held in their
respective states.

·       Special Athletes participated in the Queen’s Baton Torch run
in several States during the Commonwealth
Games Delhi 2010


Indian Blind Sports Association

 The Association has always played a prominent role in promoting sports
among the visually handicapped. It was the initiative of BRA that Indian Blind
Sports Association was formed in 1986 as the national level body for the
promotion of athletics and different sports for the blind. Indian Blind Sports
Association is recognized by the Indian Olympic Association and is affiliated
with the International Blind Sports Federation, the apex world blind sports
organization, and with Paralympics Committee of India. BRA also hosts jointly with
Indian Blind Sports Association, national-level Sports Meets for the Blind once
every two years. The Sports Meet is the largest sports event for the visually
impaired in the country which attracts hundreds of sports persons from
institutions across the country from different states who compete in athletics,
chess and swimming.



However, the
situation on the ground remains mixed. Persons with physical disabilities are unable
to enjoy leisure activities on an equal basis with others as long as
transportation systems and public buildings continue to lack barrier-free
access, a problem which has not been addressed on a consistent basis by the
Government. However, organizations and establishments like the Wheelchair
Sports Federation of India, the Indian Blind Sports Association, and the
Special Olympics Bharat do provide opportunities for physically and mentally
differently-able athletes to participate in sporting activities. Unfortunately,
there remains no institution available to coach elite differently-able athletes
in India, leaving a gap in attainment of the goals outlined in State policy. In
order for persons with disabilities to be able to participate in leisure
activities at the level described in government policies, stricter enforcement
of these laws is needed. Under the Constitution of India, there arecertain fundamental
rights that can be enforced in courts of law. These fundamental rights include
the right to equality (Article 14) and the right to live in dignity (Article
21).Disabled citizens have the same rights as other citizens and should be
given the opportunities to participate effectively in society.


Recommendations and suggestions

·    Increase support and funding to conduct
empirical studies on topics of disability sport and adapted physical activity
including, participation levels, attitudes, legislation, barriers and benefits
of sport and physical activity.

·    Develop further studies of mental
health and psychological well-being as an outcome of sport participation for
people with a disability.

·    Affordable technologies, and increasing
accessibility and universal designs in both the environment and the
structures/rules of sports.

·    Produce inclusive coaching manuals and
educational material in multiple languages and formats to make it accessible to
developing countries

·    Research and develop monitoring and
evaluation tools to ensure quality sport programmes are being implemented
effectively and meeting target outcomes.

·    Create opportunities to share
knowledge, experiences and best practice.

·    Utilise new technologies and online
communication to enhance collaboration between development organisations,
researchers and programmed staff.








Central Public Works Department. India: Ministry of UrbanAffairs and
Employment.Department of Sports, M. o. (2011).




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