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Anything can be easy with the help of technology just like computers, tablets and mobile phones to store data and communicate with others, self-driving cars that will help people to avoid accidents, robotic arms, that are mostly used in industrial and medical field, and of course, the internet. We recognize these things as tools that can ease our lives. During my childhood, I usually played outside. I spent playing outside a lot, and I am so happy I experienced those moments. I met friends that gave me childhood happiness. Most of us got nervous especially when your mom calls you in a different way, in a mad way. You can hear your heart beating fast as you get near to your house. I reminisced those moments. But today, it is so different. Kids are now exposed to technology. Back before, children want to have bikes and toys but now, kids want tablets and laptops. It is good to know that they know how to utilize technology but is it necessary for them to be exposed to it at a very young age?The internet is one of the most influential tools these days. It helps us a lot. It helps us to communicate and interact with people, to stream movies, to research about something and many more. Due to this, everyone can access to it. Even innocent minds can get into it. The internet almost contains everything. What we all need is in there.We all know a child is still growing and developing their values and skill but too much exposure in the internet has certain bad effects. There are information can be found in the web that is not appropriate for children. Although this thing can help us a lot, still it takes responsibility for using this. This also can be used as a tool for bullying. There are numerous victims that was greatly affected by cyberbullying, and the number is still growing.We all know a child is still growing and developing their values and skill but too much exposure in the internet has certain bad effects. It can affect the child’s physical and physiological health. A child that spends more time in front of the computer or a tablet increases the risk of having heart problems due to obesity. It may also cause repetitive motion injuries. These injuries may be temporary or permanent injuries to muscles because of doing the same routine over and over again. According to a research published by Princeton University, some websites and games may cause epileptic seizures to children. Too much exposure to the internet can decrease his/her social skills and can change their perspective in reality. Children may also accidentally access visuals that are inappropriate for their young age. The internet is not all about bad things. Of course, it gives us positive effects. Actually, playing online games and other activities can enhance teamwork, creativity and decision making skills. It can also improve our hand-to-eye coordination.Exposure to technology is really a bad and a good thing but I think it depends mostly on us, on where and how we will use it. But for those who are not aware enough about the Internet specifically the children, parents must always guide them. They may not know what they’re connecting and accessing to. People should be always responsible always for using the internet.

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