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Anyone close or not close to Obama would attest to his cool down-to-earth attitude that was always shown by the former president of the United States. The adjectives that were used to describe him were all linked to a well-conformed man who has a sharp and mature thought process. Even before being the president he was a well-known and respected politician revered for his stature and reasoning by those who chose him to power.

Dominance Continuum Level and Examples of Illustrative Conduct

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This reflects the inclination to stimulate others in any given form of relationship. I place Obama on the high dominance continuum from behaviors he practiced during his terms. First of, the introduction of Obamacare was an example of high dominance continuum. Argumentatively the most important law of the past five decades, Obama made health care a mandatory to all citizens by prohibiting insurance companies from refusing to cover patients due to pre-existing conditions which helped those who could not afford health care to afford one. Mr. Obama stabilized nearly a million jobs by bailing the auto industry from bankruptcy back in 2008. The companies had to streamline their activities, file for bankruptcy and direct matters of retirement to an independent body. This recouped $70.5 billion under the Obama administration. The proposed and passed reform, the Dodd-Frank Act, by Mr. Obama saw agencies created to monitor the financial markets and to regulate hedge funds to try and avoid a repetition of the crisis of 2008. This left banks no choice but to make less risky investments to maintain more capital to intervene in case of losses. The act, even though slow but surely steady, was able to avoid many risks that would have reoccurred in the future.

Sociability Continuum Level and Examples of Illustrative Conduct

This shows the level of control one imposes over expressing emotions. Obama always expressed his emotions freely. This makes him a person with high sociability levels. Obama was not ashamed to give a heartfelt farewell after serving two terms as the president of the United States. It was an emotional farewell as he thanked the citizens, his wife, Michelle and his children. Obama shed tears publicly as he addresses the issue on gun control, which had taken lives of innocent young children. He was not afraid of showing the whole world that he was human too and felt terrible on what had happened. Even though he was the most powerful man in the world, he took time to experience the pain he felt inside in front of everyone (Hicks, 2011).

Obama’s Style Flex and Occasions he showed it

Style flex is a communication style that calls for enthusiasm, goodwill establishment, asking question, supporting one’s opinions, and listening attentively. This is the style Obama possesses and practices from time to time. There was a lot of charisma depicted in his famous ‘Yes we Can’ speech. Engaging the whole congregation with his ideas and points, he clearly practiced style flex. In his campaign for Clinton, he gave solid points on why Clinton was the fit candidate for the seat. Through his opinions and ideas, he expressed them in a clear and elaborate manner. In the case of the gun crackdown matter, he diligently asked the doctors to help him. If they diagnosed any cases of mental instabilities in their patients then they would politely ask the patients if they had families at home. This was a move toward the right direction in taking care of the patient and those close to him/her if need be. By being asked a question on transgender matters, Obama replied politely and told the lady to find her voice and tell her story with no fear. This was conducted in an event organized by Mr. Obama to define what it meant to be an active citizen.

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