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screening has been done selectively by many researchers in guava essential oil
and solvent extract . The mechanism by which they can inhibit the
microorganisms can involve different modes of action. It has been reported that
these oils and extracts penetrate the lipid bilayer of the cell membrane,
rendering it more permeable, leading to the leakage of vital cell contents (
Sanches et al.) evaluated the antibacterial activities of guava against
gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria testing ethanol and water extract of
P. guajava leaves, stem, bark and root, and aqueous extract against
Staphylococcus aureus were found to be more active by using ethanol and water
extract than with just aqueous extract. (Sacchetti et al.) reported that the
oil showed a strong



resistance against
Yarrowia lipolytica which is a pathogenic yeast. (Vieira et al.) have also
reported the antibacterial effect of guava leaves extracts and found that they
inhibited the growth of the S. aureus. Gnan and Demello testing guava
leaf extract found good antimicrobial activity against nine different strains
of Staphylococcus aureus. The antibacterial activity of guava leaf
extract was tested against acne developing organisms by (Qa’dan et al.) Concluding that the leaf
extracts may be beneficial in treating acne especially when they are known to
have anti-inflammatory activities. Staphylococcus aureus is non spore
forming Gram-positive cocci, which in some strains, are able to produce an
enterotoxin (Vanderzant & Splittstoesser, 1992). The reappearance of S.
aureus in processed foods that should have been destroyed by processing can
cause damages to food industries as it is a vector of food poisoning. It may be
concluded that sanitation or temperature control or both were insufficient.
There ips no guarantee that foodstuff is safe enough for consumption, although
only a trace amount of S. aureus is present. Natural preservatives such
as spices and plant essential oils are used as additives, instead of chemical
preservatives because food remains safe for consumers while S. aureus is eliminated. (

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