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Ans1.There are many types of governments that aim to maketheir territory better and more advanced. One of the government is Monarchy. InMonarchy the public doesn’t choose their head. It is ruled by a king or a queenand they own everything and the decision made by the monarch is the finaldecision. Absolute monarchies can interfere in all the matters of the statewhile constitutional monarchies have limits and doesn’t have the right to makeall decisions. Another government is dictatorship.

in this a person rule thecountry and there are many people who work for the dictator. In some cases, asmall group of people runs the political system. In elections the dictator isthe only person who stood up to rule the country.

There are very less chancesof people being benefited from the dictator. Communism is another type ofgovernment which is ruled by a single party or many people. Most of thecommunist state follow the ideologies made by Marx and Lenin. The resourcesowned by people are taken and then redistributed to everyone equally. Authoritarianpolitical system is a name by which we refer communism.

One more type ofgovernment is Republic government. It is a political system and the governmentis mostly subject to the one’s governed. Some people also say that anypolitical system in which people regulate the government is republic. The maincharacteristic is that leaders can be brought back again and that people arefree to live their lives. Another government is Totalitarian government inwhich the civilians have no right. The leader has control over all aspects oflife through coercion. Under this traditional social institutions andorganizations are not supported and are discouraged.

The state is ruled by theunrestricted use of violence and terror. The police does crime without the limitations of the laws. Ans2. According to me, Democratic government is the bestform of government. It is a government which is elected by the people. In thisall eligible citizens have the right to participate equally. Main reason for mysupport to democratic government is that it is a free government and people canfreely live without any fear of terror by the supreme power. It allows completefreedom.

The government never forces people to do anything if they doesn’t wantto do it and if they are made to do then they can raise their voice and can getthe person behind the bars who has made them do work forcefully. Democracyallows the people to  put in their viewsand ideas. This shows that the government makes the citizens comfortable andrespect them.

All the governments may solve conflicts and quarrels butdemocracy solves these matters in a better way. Various people are allowed torule the country through representatives while some governments doesn’t allowthe citizens to take part in the elections. It spreads equality all over thecountry as everyone is treated equally without giving priorities to only richpeople.

Also it provides human rights which may not be given to people in othergovernments such as in Totalitarian government people have no rights anddoesn’t have freedom. Democracy accommodates the different religion that peoplefollow like in India people of many religions live together happily. Thus, thismakes Democratic government the best government. Ans3. Looking at the present situation, there could bemany futuristic forms of government.

One of them could be legitimacy. It is apath to create a relationship between the people and the government. It wouldbe some sort of democratic government but it would have many developments whichwe won’t see today. Nuclear weapons has always been a thread to the world butlegitimacy would have the capability of ending the rapid growth of nuclear weapons.It would also provide the complete independence of people and would let themlive their lives freely . It would be a class based society as what people earnis their own money so some would earn more and some less. In this eligible citizenscould select random decision makers who would run the state but if they turnout to be bad for the state then they could be immediately changed. By voting,the majority of people decides whether a law should be made or not.

Also thepeople in the electorate would have no need to participate every time in theorganization because they could vote for another member  they think is capable of doing the job. Bythis people don’t have to forcefully involve themselves in a matter in whichthey have no interest. legitimacy would obviously make sure that the personbeing elected has not being elected by bribing or coercing someone.

legitimacywould look into all affairs and would bring justice to people in a much betterway. Also it would be technologically advanced and ahead of all the othergovernments.                  

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