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Another important expression of globalization is political sympathies . Political globalization refers to the accumulation of ability in a single International government. Just as families once combined into tribe and tribes into body politic , so nations are combining into regional power blocs, and thence perhaps to a single Earth political community (Buckley, 1998, P.51). While the idea is rather overwhelming, there is no disaffirmation that it is happening. Over the past several years, many International governance have evolved and the United Body politic is probably the most renowned one today. Although the main object of the United Nation is to body of work towards achieving pacification between different nations, it is also working to achieving other development finish .

This coming together of different country can be an effective solution for global peace. With fellow member from 185 body politic , the United Nations is a blossom example of a diplomatic global village (Buckley, 1998, P.51). Delegations from each country come to an agreement about rules and policy , and tend to have less conflicts. This can benefit the developing res publica greatly because they are the ones who are at endangerment of being invaded and taken advantages of. Other than achieving peace, political globalization can be a political program to solve return be it education, poorness , surround , or organized crime.

These are global issues that need to be addressed although the developing res publica are the most fragile. With assist from other nation and international organizations whether it is money or man resources, the developing countries will have a better chance towards alleviating those problems. The objectives of international NGOs are to monitor activities within the United Nations organisation of concern to their membership and to persuade the General Assembly to pass resolutions, stating goals for national as well international action . They provide the national NGOs with a powerful cock that can be used to alter policy in their respective countries

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