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Another study found in the chapter in which was run by the U.S. Department of Education. In the 1990’s they put out a project called the Early Child Longitudinal Study or for short ECLS. They gathered about 20,000 students from kindergarten through fifth grade, their goal was to measure their academic progress.  They gathered information on each student, their race, gender, family life, parents education and so much more. They even interviewed the students parents, asking questions such as if they spanked their kids, how much books they owned, how much they allowed their kids to watch tv and so on.  ECLS data showed the concerns of the Black-white test scores. It showed that black students had a greater disadvantage, underperforming their white classmates. The data exhibited that the test gap between black and white children disappears after controlling the variables such as the parents income and education level. Nevertheless, this gap appears once again within two years after entering school, even though these variables such as the parents income and education are being controlled for. They found it that it wasn’t because the student was black that they weren’t doing well academically but because the average black child is more likely to come from a household that has low income and education._*I believe this type of research is valuable to society being that it’s a topic in which the majority of parents can relate to, not to mention this can guide someone who might be interested in having a family in the near future. The information that is displayed throughout the pages discusses misconception about how a child should be raised and how it affects their education. Majority parents will always want their kids to succeed and try to find solutions to help their kids in the long run. This chapter debunks the idea of parenting books and  actions parents have made, believing it was for their kids own good. The data can help society become less ignorant on nature vs. nurture debate and what effects children’s schooling.

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