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 Anna University is known for its active promotion of research programs that encourage bright young minds to take up active research in dynamic areas. The Institute’s commitment to innovative research is specifically emphasized by the activities undertaken at Department of Biotechnology. CFT specifically promotes research and consultancy activities in the development of various fields of Food Processing. This conference will provide a common platform for research scientists, industrial experts,  academicians and all others involved in food processing and nutrition to share and exchange their knowledge and observations .

The theme of the conference is “Current and Future Trends in Food Waste Management and its Valorization”. We are immensely proud to host VALORIZE – 2K18,  a great gathering, leading investigators from various  disciplines discuss the latest innovations and developments in the food processing and waste management strategies. I am extremely happy that the invited lectures of the conference will address issues of societal importance. We make every effort to ensure all attendees enjoy a truly memorable professional development experience. Our aspiration is to achieve a generation of individuals who do not merely observe and adapt to the rapidly changing reality, but are also active partners in shaping it. I thank all the invited speakers, chairpersons and delegates for their participation. I thank the University Authorities for their moral and financial support and all the funding agencies and other private companies for their financial assistance.

 I hope that this legacy of Valorize will continue with much more advances in forthcoming editions.I was fortunate to be involved in organizing this conference since its inception and I am confident that it would truly be a rewarding and enriching experience for all the participants. Best Wishes 

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