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Animal Farm written by George Orwell, published by Harcourt Brace and company and illustrated by Steadman is a fictional story book. Animal Farm is a story of badly treated animals in a farm in England. They were so badly treated that they decided to make a rebellion and they forced their farmer and his men away thus having animals control a farm. I thought this book was very entertaining  and a bit emotional. It was entertaining because of how animals talked and ran their own farm. It was a bit emotional because of how the animals were treated by the farmer and his men and also how the animals treated each other and the death of one specific animal in the story.In chapter one it started off by explaining who Mr Jones was and how he was a  bad farmer to his animals but in some small occasions had a little care. In this chapter it also introduced most of the main characters, their names and what animal they were. In the first chapter of Animal Farm i was introduced to the famous song “beasts of england”  by the pig old Major. He happened to have a strange dream that he wanted to share with the other animals. He then gives a speech. His speech about the tyranny of man is notable for its methodical enumeration of man’s wrongs against the animals. Listing all of man’s crimes, old Major rouses the other animals into planning the rebellion. His leading them in singing “Beasts of England. Three days later old major dies of old age.In chapter two farmer Jones and his men were taking very little poor care for their animals. The animals not having eaten decided to break into the barn house and eat themselves Jones and his men immediately took out their whips and ran toward the barn where they proceeded to whip all the animals. The starving animals could take no longer and they all fought back. Kicking, biting and more this lead to jones and all the humans in the farm to leave. This to the animals was their rebellion. They had won and they were happy. The animals now had 7 commandments.  In chapter three Napoleon and Snowball both pigs, were now in charge since in their perspective the pigs were the most wise. In this chapter more animals were introduced. Since the farm no longer had a farmer all the animals had a duty and they worked hard every day. Boxer a horse was the hardest worker in my opinion, he was a noble, respectful and caring horse his motto was “i will work harder”. Chapter four was when the news of the rebellion went all throughout England. The pigs instructed the pigeons to go to other farms and teach them beasts of England, and so they did. In this chapter the battle of cowshed happened. Jones and some other farmers tried to get back the farm but the animals won.In chapter five a windmill was to be built and so it was. In this chapter however snowball was chased away by Napoleon’s dogs because snowball was a traitor. He was accused of stealing napoleon’s ideas . In chapter six the animals worked very hard on the windmill especially Boxer. The pigs hired Mr. Whymper as a solicitor so they could trade with other farms. Their half built windmill was knocked over by strong winds but they blamed it on Snowball.  In chapter 7 snowball secretly appeared in the barn to sabotage their work squealer another pig told everyone that Snowball had sold himself to frederick and was in league with Jones from the very start. The commandments  were changed in chapter 8. In chapter nine the animals rebuild the windmill. Boxer gets very weak and fell the the ground. A slaughter truck came to get him.Finally the last chapter, chapter ten the years passed by and many animals had passed away but not Napoleon and a few others. The farm has grown and a second windmill has been built. The pigs start to act strange and as in strange i mean they started acting as humans. Walking on two feet, carrying whips and worst of all wearing Jones clothes. They were acting like humans and the only commandment they had now was that all animals were equal but some animals were more equal than others.I did some research and the book reflects on events leading up to the russian revolution of 1917 and then on into the stalinist era of the Soviet Union. Farmer Jones is an allegory for Tsar Nicholas ii the last Russian emperor. Jones is overthrown by the animals of his farm who represented Bolshevik and liberal revolutionaries. Basically animal farm is a story book that makes references to the Russian revolution. I think that Mr. Orwell did an awesome job in writing this book from the idea of the Russian revolution into animals taking over a farm. I personally loved this book. It was enjoyable in a way. His way in expressing how the animals thought was intellectual and amusing. This was truly a book I enjoyed reading Animal farm had many points where the animals were aggressive in a way to each other or in the wars that they had and that’s one of the things that i enjoyed about the book. It was a good book to read. Very tragic when Boxer died but other wide that, intriguing  and a good book.

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