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Angola is a South African country in Africa. Luanda is where the Atlantic Ocean runs. Angola has all kinds, of Lakes. Some are called Camacupa, Huambo, Cubango, Olifa and many more. Angola has so much to offer it has character and it has culture. Angola has a lot of woodland like forest. Angola is a very uplifting and exciting place to go and release stress and relax. Angola’s capital is Luanda and is one of the most popular place in Angola. Luanda is a modern popular city that overlooks the Atlantic Ocean that must be amazing. The longitude and latitude if the capital is 8.8400 S and 13.2894 E. And Angola’s relative location is Africa. Also Angola is between Namibia and Democratic republic of the Congo. Also Angola is the worlds twenty-thirds largest country and is also very comparable to Mali. Angola’s has very high plateaus and is extra dry in most places in Angola. Also an interesting fact about Angola is that it’s less than twice the size of Texas I think that’s pretty cool. Angola has all sorts of plant life the plants are way different from the for example their native plant is a Welwitschia. The types of animals in Angola are Leopards, Elephants, Lions, Hyenas, Zebras and so many more. The Climate In Angola is mostly blazing hot in the summer and super cool in the winter. Angola people normally wear bright traditional clothing. Women wear big kind of showy dresses. But men normally don’t wear shirts in Angola they normally wear shorts. The reason being that is because they’re always working all the time. In the wintertime women and men normally wear lots of fur stuff because it’s very cold during winter. In Angola for transportation in Angola they typically use local buses and flat fares. They are working on a stretch bus for the near future. Angola is the 58th largest export economy now that’s pretty high. Angola in 2015 had exported $34.2 Billion things and imported $16..9 Billion. The U.S. exports industrial goods and services, but more so oil field equipment, mining equipment, chemicals, aircraft and food. Some of the things Angola exports are Coffee beans, Diamonds, Lumber, and Petroleum industry. Angola’s official language is Portuguese, but Angola’s other languages are Ubunbu, Kimbundu and Kikongo. But Angola’s official language originated in 1575. Angola was founded by Paulo Dias De Novais with large families of colonists and a lot of soldiers. Angola is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean in the West and Namibia in the south and Zambia in the East. Christianity began in Angola in 1491 it wasn’t always Angola’s religion their religion used to be Islamic. Some main points on Angola are, Angola’s Capital is Luanda and Luanda is also one of the most popular places in Angola. Angola is between Namibia and Democratic republic of the Congo. Angola is twice the size of Texas and Angola has much different plant life. Angola people are very cultural about there clothing and music. And Angola imports a lot of coffee beans and diamonds, and Angola’s official language is Portuguese and its religion is Christianity.

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