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Android is a Linux based operating system it is
designed usually for touch screen cell phone gadgets such as smart phones and
tablet computers. The operating system have evolved lots in closing 15 years
beginning from black and white telephones to current cell phones or mini
computers. One of the most widely used cell OS  
in recent times is android.  The
android is software program that become based in Palo Alto of California in
2003. Android is a cellular operating system advanced by Google. Google has similarly
advanced Android tv for televisions, Android auto for automobiles, and Android
wear for wrist watches, each with a specialized user interface. Several of
Android also are used on game consoles, digital cameras, computers and
different electronics. Android is a power full operating system which support
the biggest number of applications is cell phones. The hardware which supports
android software program is based on ARM architecture platform.

Features of Android:

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support a huge quantity of applications in smart phone. This utility make our
life so smooth and comfortable also, Android comes with an Android marketplace
that is an online software shop.  Android is open source that make opportunity for
developer to make their applications and selling in android market. Android
applications are writing in java. There are about 200000 applications created for android.

Head set layout


Connectivity: GSM/EDGE, IDEN, CDMA, Bluetooth,

Messaging: SMS, MMS, C2DM (could to device
messaging), GCM (Google could messaging)

Multilanguage support

Multi touch

Video calling

Screen capture

External storage

Streaming media support: RTP/RTSP streaming

Optimized graphics


The of weaknesses Android operating system:

Little Memory for Storage

Force Close on Large App/Games

Data Connection

Battery Problem

Box of Malware Google play store

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