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Andrew Carnegie was an industrialist, business mogul, and a philanthropist who led the growth of the American steel industry. Born to a poor Scottish family, Carnegie later grew up and began working in the steel industry and worked his way up from there. Carnegie worked at the Pennsylvania Railroad in 1853 as the assistant and telegrapher to Thomas Scott, one of the railroad’s top officials. Three years later, he was promoted to superintendent and began making investments. He spent most of his earnings on Pittsburgh; building libraries, museums, a university and a concert hall. Many people at this time were living in poverty and there weren’t enough jobs that had sufficient pay to support a family. Carnegie’s steel industry was one that had the highest earning wages. Based solely on efficiency, rather than the unsafe working conditions of the workers, his mills were the most productive in the world. He eventually sold his company in 1901 to form the U.S. Steel Corporation. After selling his business, Carnegie continued to be successful by operating a number of other business including newspapers and iron ore fields. He began taking his earnings and building libraries all around the United States, Canada, and Europe. He also funded many universities and other various buildings; including the infamous Carnegie Hall. Carnegie also began writing in his free time once he was retired. He has written many important things about business and such, including “The rising man must do something exceptional, and beyond the range of his special department. HE MUST ATTRACT ATTENTION.” This quote means that if someone isn’t there to complete their task, take it upon yourself to do that task and to do above and beyond rather than the expectations. Carnegie has also said “Some day, in your own department, you will be directed to do or say something which you know will prove disadvantageous to the interest of the firm. Here is your chance. Stand up like a man and say so. Say it boldly, and give your reasons, and thus prove to your employer that, while his thoughts have been engaged upon other matters, you have been studying during hours when perhaps he thought you asleep, how to advance his interests.”

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