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Analysis and observations by August Comte (1798–1857) are based on scientific principles.

As per Comte, the general public is represented by its own set of laws, like the physical laws that work the physical world, it has to be considered a social science. He then named this idea positivism. As for positivism, always keeping in mind the end goal, to secure credibility, solid information on how the general society works, humanist should concentrate on what they can see with their own eyes. This knowledge can hence be used to stimulate sociological change and advance the human lifestyle. I party agree with Comte seeing that this is geared towards social reform. Most of the knowledge I behold is influenced by believes in supernatural beings by trying to explain my existence even as a christian.

Additionally, accidents, substance and essence have always explained my reality.I have always admired Karl Marx for being a great thinker. I agree with his philosophy that constant battle amongst capitalist and workers is the thing that can settle the wage levels. Similar to Comte, Karl Marx (1818–1883) believed the change in society should be made by people. His strategy is described as radical. As indicated by the Marxist mindset, the activity of specialists and entrepreneurs are always against each other in industrialist social orders in this manner a class strife and battle. Business people gather riches by controlling workers while laborers maintain or propel their own particular welfare just by battling industrialist abuse.SEXISM AT THE TIME: WOMEN IN EARLY SOCIOLOGYSexism defines the confidence in customary sex part generalizations and in the inborn uniqueness amongst men and women.

Curiously, the impacts of female masterminds to sociological hypothesis have generally been censured, disregarding of deliberately creating contemplations of society. It is eminent that the speculations of these female ideologists are unique since they coordinate the point of view of sexual orientation, accentuation on the lives and work of ladies, diagnostically draw in the issue of an imbalanced society, and come up with ideas to address social issues.

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