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electronics book or e-book is a book publication made available in digital
form, consisting of text, images, or both, readable on internet. Nowadays,
People interested to read articles or news directly from online e-books by
using Smartphone and tablets” ( Robles, n.d.) . E-books are most
similar to the internet than to physical books. Today many people prefer using
an e-book, rather than a regular printed one. Why? Because, e-books are better
than printed books, even if antique books has advantages.


“With the advance of phones, tablets, and e-readers, eBooks
have become a popular reading standard. Still, there is something about the
feel of an old-fashioned paper book” (Allan, 2014). The reader can read
EBooks from anywhere on anything. It really helps the readers who does not have
time open a book. The most obvious advantage is portability. There are special devices,
which can contain thousands of books at the same time. It is like you
carrying the British Library in your pocket! In addition, this is very useful
for students.  For example “A
book lover could afford carrying a backpack around, it was not a problem;
however, if the book lover is a woman or a clerk in some serious corporation,
most likely the person either had to fit a book into their purse or folder, or
leave it at home. On the other hand, any modern e-book is almost flat and
lightweight, so it is easily carry one—even in the pocket (Academic
help, 2015).

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First of all, Easiness of finding of every type of
books if they have an electronic version. There are many sources in the
Internet where EBooks can be found with the persons interested in,
including educational literature. The readers can buy it or download it free.  Therefore, these online eBook helps the reader to save time and money, as these are easily available on the
internet. “Many people say ancient textbooks are on their resolution. To some,
this is often still removed from being altogether truthful. Still be students
and book readers who will perpetually like written copies over eBook” (Legaspi). It has expected that, Ancient books can subsist by
considering eBooks as just additional and wide verity of reference material. But
Some specialists assert, the fate of written textbook are going to be just like
the fate of cassettes within the past.


“Ever read a book you hated so much you would not even
recommend it to your worst enemy?” (Rosso, 2009).The reader will not
have the guilt of throw out that paper book that he/she could not finish. By keeping
an electronic book, it will take up only little space the reader allowed. It the
reader can experiment with different types of authors and genres. For example “Bringing
hundreds of books with you wherever you are means, you never have to plan for
that long trip or even the bus ride across town. When you have finished one
book, quickly browse your library and start another. Backing up your entire
library online or locally won’t require much space and it’s something that
would be impossible with a physical library, and no more worries about
fire-proofing your books” (Rosso, 2009).


EBook software may different as depends on the
publisher, but many of them have common features and similar settings. Like, Adjust
the font size, type and background color of electronic book per user preferences.
By using this adjustment in eBooks, the user can easily read the text this will
really helps the persons with disabilities. Not only this but also the reader
can make the eBooks into audio books by using some other software so, the user
can experience the exact feel of the book. For example, if the reader has bad
vision to read something this will help the reader to read the book with audio
and by adjusting the font size.

EBooks are available in PDF
format also and some of websites provides booklet in various formats like Audio
textbook so it becomes easier to understand these books. As this book are time
and space consuming. For example, during
the journey the user can listen to audio books also in English so, they can
learn new words and correct pronunciation. The
user can find these online textbook online on many subjects. Therefore, do not
have to buy normal books for every course. There are some book that is linked to
other websites and they provides the access to other knowledge resource
material. These are very helpful for quick and easy learning as they give instant
access to the subject as needed especially for students.

EBooks are searchable. “Instead of earmarking pages or marking up your paper
copy, electronic copies allow adding and deleting bookmarks and notes at will
and as many as see fit. The text is searchable and can be hyperlinked; User can
jump back-and-forth between chapters or the glossary” (Rosso, 2009).
 It is easy to
find any information in an eBook, no need of  turning page after page. EBooks will show links, this helps to
access more information and related websites. “Nowadays, one can find eBooks
about every possible subject, fiction and nonfiction, free and not free.
Considering non-fiction eBooks, such eBooks disseminate knowledge not pages,
which means that it is not correct to evaluate the price of an eBook according
to the number of its pages” (Sasson).


“The price should be determined by the
information offered, its usefulness and its relevance, and by the amount of
practical knowledge, inspiration, motivation, tips and advice, and by the
uniqueness of the information. People are already spending a lot of time
in front of their computers, so why not read and eBook, instead of doing
something else” (Sasson). EBooks are environmental
friendly there for no pollution. EBooks can delete from anywhere just by
clicking delete button.   

Therefore, in contract E books are good for the
environment, no transportation or paper needed. Reader can easily take many
books with them, only needing an E-reader and it save space in the reader’s
home. The use of e-books should promote because, it not only
help the person who uses it but also help to save our environment.   


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