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AMUL was formed in 1946 and this brand name has been managed by Gujarat Co-operative Milk Marketing
Federation Ltd. (GCMMF) which is jointly owned by 2.6 million milk producers in Gujarat. GCMMF is India’s
largest food products marketing organization. It is a state level apex body of milk cooperatives in Gujarat which
aims to provide remunerative returns to the farmers and also serve the interest of consumer by providing quality
products which are good value for money.
White Revolution of India was a historic success because AMUL business concept was part of it. Every day,
AMUL collects 447,000 litres of milk from 2.12 million farmers (many illiterate), converts the milk into
branded, packaged products, and delivers goods worth Rs 6 crore (Rs 60 million) to over 500,000 retail outlets
across the country. Today, AMUL is a world player because of its high quality products, vast co-operative
network, indigenous technology, marketing strategy & member farmer’s belief. Amul has transformed the
process for millions of small farmers by using an automatic, computerized collection system which reduces the
time for weighing, quality testing and payment processing from a few hours with payment days later, to five
minutes and immediate payment. Each day, milk is collected no more than 10 miles from the farmer, with this
nationwide, decentralized, collection process. Amul developed a computerized quality testing machine, which
makes the process transparent and fair to the farmer, and buys exclusively from women—a decision which has
increased the status of the women, while developing a positive brand image for India’s largest food products
Quality is very important for any food industry. Quality implies maintenance of functional values of the product
as well as improving the style of management by keeping customer in focus. The milk producers of the member
unions have a commitment to achieve quality in basically six priority areas – Cleanliness of the dairy
cooperative societies, Planning and Budgeting of the Dairy Society, Artificial Insemination Service, Quality
Testing and Milk measurement at Dairy co-operative Societies and Management Practices and Self-leadership

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