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the most disgusting things women, can do to their partners is being unfaithful.
It does not only devastating their ego, but reduces their self-worth and
dignity as well. It all depends on the male partner’s personality, though;
nonetheless, it is the most depressing experience for any sane man.

pain is more excruciating when the partner discovers that his girl cheats with
his best friend. That would surely ruin the relationship in an instant
regardless of how long they have been together.

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are more scheming than men; nonetheless, the signs are still evident no matter
how cunning they are. Listed below are signs that your girl is cheating on you.

Prying on your daily

when your girl starts to fish for the exact time you leave the house and your
arrival; chances are, she might be expecting someone dropping by your house
without your knowledge. If this behavior is kind of weird then, it’s time for
you to be vigilant; go home at a very unusual time.

When daydreaming is
her new hobby             

her thoughts always wander away during a conversation with you, which is very
unlikely of her, then it might be a sign. Women having an affair always concern
themselves on how to get rid of you and obtain their freedom.

Relentless nagging

finding and getting annoyed even with your slightest mistake is another sign to
watch out. She is just finding the right time to dump you and make sure you will
get all the blame when you part ways.


Calling somebody you do not know as “Just a friend”

When you
notice someone new in her life and display some kind of affection on her and
labeling him on social media as “friend”, you should be on your guard. Check
her facial expression every time that friend is mentioned.  

Evading the topic during a confrontation

asked if she is cheating, she would surely evade answering the question;
instead, she will find a loophole that will pin you down, making you the sinner
and her, a saint.

Hiding her cell phone from you

issue is prevalent to those cheating spouses or partners, not just women. You
can hardly contact her like she has no cell phone at all. If you are at home
her phone is always tucked in her pocket and you can never even touch it, then
it is a red flag for you.


Romance was already a thing in the past

When you
notice that she is no longer interested on you and the frequency of having sex
is already dropping until one day there will be none at all, then for sure
somebody is doing it for you.


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