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America has been found to be as
corrupt as any other corrupt country. One of the main corrupters of America are
lobbyists. A lobbyist is supposed to educate members of congress about how
legislation will affect the groups and interests they want. A lobbyist is
supposed to represent their clients’ interests to congress. Lobbying is not
against the constitution as it is protected by the first amendment. Lobbyists
should be able to express their clients opinion to the congress but the
corruption begins when the lobbyists use the money, favors, gifts or lucrative
job offers to get what is good for their campaigns. Lobbyists corrupt the
American government through loopholes that allow lobbyists to use campaign
contributions and lucrative job offers to buy political influence for special
interests, unions, and corporations.

groups corrupt the American government through campaign money. Lobbyists
usually help the members of congress raise money for the election and they do
this through fundraisers such as dinners, lunches and other events. As the
previous lobbyist Jack Abramoff said “You can’t take a congressman to lunch for
$25 and buy him a steak. But you can take him to a fundraising lunch and not
only buy him that steak, but give him $25,000 extra and call it a
fundraiser.” Jack Abramoff exposes the corruption and the loopholes in the
American system through which lobbyists use to gain their interest. Jack
Abramoff introduce the fundraising loophole that allows the members of congress
to raise money for the election without breaking the law. In this case
lobbyists tend to become the link through which corporate and private interests
can give money to members of the congress for political influence.

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Lobbyists can also find a loophole
for the American government as the corrupt it through offering lucrative job
offers. Lobbyists do this through offering members of congress lucrative jobs
in their companies or firms after they retire. Lobbyists do these kinds of
negotiations during a period of time where the member of congress still works
for the congress. Proof of this that a study shows that the members of congress
that became lobbyists had an increase in salary of 1,425% and that through 1998
and 2004, 50% of members from the senate and 42% of members from the house left
to become lobbyists. The US oil Corp was found to be funding the tea party in
2010 and this funding was coming from the Koch Industries of David Koch. A
total amount of 169 million was spent by the Koch Industries in lobbying and
more money on political support. With these kinds of offers from companies and
firms it is hard for the members of congress to reject these offers. These type
of offers lead the members of congress to defend the interest of the company or
firm the most extreme extent possible.  

are corrupting Americas Government and this should be stopped. This can be done
through the American Anti-Corruption Act which eliminates loopholes that allow
the bribery of members of the congress through lucrative jobs and campaign
contributions. The American Anti-Corruption Act states that the members of the
congress may not raise funds from the interests the regulate, limit campaign
contributions and certain fundraising activities by lobbyists and prohibit
lobbyists from using future job offers to influence politicians. The American
Anti-Corruption Act is considered constitutional and this was proved through court
cases like Ethics v. Carrigan. The American Anti-Corruption Act can lead
towards a national reform which will limit the corruption in America.

in America through interest groups using lobbyists to influence policy is very
evident. The use of lucrative job offers and campaign money leads members of
the congress to accept these offers. This corruption should be taking in
consideration and should be stopped through implementing the American
Anti-Corruption Act.

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