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Amelia Earhart, also known as “Lady Lindy,” was born in 1897 and became the first female to fly across the atlantic ocean solo. She saw her first plane when she was ten years old and later had her first plane ride with Frank Hawks, a WW1 pilot. After the flight with Hawks wrote, “By the time I had gotten two or three hundred feet off the ground I knew I had to fly.” She started flying lessons a year later with a female instructor, Neta Snook. Just two years after she started flying, Amelia bought her own plane, a yellow Kinner Canary. Only a few months later Earhart broke the women’s altitude record by reaching 14,000 feet. After a rough year Amelia joined the Boston chapter of the National Aeronautic Association. In 1928 Earhart got an offer to be the first woman to fly across the Atlantic from Captain Hilton Railey.

The goal of the flight was to represent peace between the United States and Great Britain and Amelia was “an all American girl of the right image” to do so. However, during the flight Earhart was sitting in the back of the plane and not controlling the plane. After landing she was furious and said that she felt, “like a sack of potatoes.” Earhart created her own clothing line for female flyers in order to fund her flights. The clothing line had 25 outfits including dresses, skirts, pants, and active wear. The line was affordable, yet high quality and fashionable.

However, the fashion line ended up not being successful.On May 21,1932 Amelia Earhart flew solo across the Atlantic, however, this was not a smooth ride. She experienced many problems such as bad weather conditions and a fire on the plane’s engine. When Earhart reached the Irish coast she landed the plane successfully which would make this a record-breaking flight.

She crossed the Atlantic Ocean solo in just over 15 hours. In 1937 Earhart decided that she wanted to fly around the world with Frederick Noonan. This was extremely controversial to which she replied, “Here is my belief, that now and then women should do for themselves what men have already done — and occasionally what men have not done.

” Before leaving for the flight, Earhart had the radio antenna removed, which would cut off most communication. After stopping on Howland Island to refuel Earhart started to experience some heavy rain. The last words the radio operators heard from her were, “We are on the line of position 157-337. We are running north and south.

” A large search party was sent out that cost 4 million dollars, however Earhart was never found. Through her actions and words Earhart pathed a new road for women and proved that ¬†with determination they could do anything.

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