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Rock Street, San Francisco is a one
of the best e-commercial company which is main building is located in Seattle,
America. In the first stage, was interested in only e-books,
however, then they started interested a lot of different product such as toys,
electronic devices, a video game, furniture’s and so on. Today Amazon is a very
strong company which is value nearly $75 billion. They have very different
product categories and they line extended all over the worlds. Amazon is one of
the successful companies in start-ups.


In 2017, have expanded their relationships
between Kohl’s store with the dispatch of another administration that gives clients a new chance to restore their buys through select Kohl’s
stores in America. This partnership is the latest exertion of retail
development endeavors. is growing incredibly. For example, after
Amazon bought Whole Foods now, Amazon has more than 400 grocery stores. Also,
Amazon has opened 11 book stores in 2015 and they are planning to open 2 more
book stores in nearly. Amazon Go allows people to buy a product in online
without any cashiers. Amazon also has a lot of pop-up stores. There are as of
now more than 40 Amazon pop-up stores in the world, for the most of part this
intended to grandstand its equipment items. Amazon also has pick-up stores.

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They have opened 2 locations in Seattle, however, these pick-up spots lead to
people to try more fresh service. Amazon has to get lockers in a huge number of
retail locations, including select Whole Foods stores. In another side, a lot
of universities constituted some collecting point for Amazon’s dispatch. Amazon
also used one “Treasure Truck” in America for only goods which have an extra
discount. As we see, Amazon is a huge company, then we think one question. Why
Amazon still want to be growth? The main reason is that Amazon tries a collect
as much data as possible and to initiate the best offer for their special
customers. They want to help people and also profit their maximizing. The other
reason is that one person who is disclosed to CNBC that Amazon is seeing an
uptick in online deals in the districts where it as of now has a physical
station. While deals from every book shop or fly up store may not be
incremental, they are energizing more buys on the site.

On the other source said that, In the new report published
by New York Times, it is described in details the attempt of the retail
expansion of brick and mortar areas by Amazon. The stores which have features
such as food and home appliances often face difficulties in selling online. Amazon
just entered the grocery sector and will soon open two stores in Seattle where
online orders through AmazonFresh can be purchased. By the next year, it is
targeted to open five more such stores in the USA. There is no consensus
between The Times sources whether this concept is still evolving or not. It is
also an idea for an Amazon electronic store which includes Amazon’s own
devices, initially modeled on Apple stores. Another concept is “showrooms” which
will create an opportunity for customers to a) have a look at the products in
details; b) think how it will look like at home.

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