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Alpheus lobidens De
Haan, 1849 in De Haan, 1833-1850 


: Alpheus crassimanus Heller, 1862, Alpheus lobidens polynesica Banner
& Banner, 1975,  Alpheus crassimanus Heller,

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: Philippines. Olongapo, Subic Bay, Luzon, Entire Indo-Pacific
region from the Red Sea to Hawaii, as well as eastern and central


:Marine; intertidal to 25 meters.

Size : 8-10 mm

site: Vizhinjam, Kovalam

examined : 6 specimens
examined of  maximum Tl 9 mm

: Body not unusually compressed or setose; rostrum
acute, triangular, reaching nearly to level of distal margin of 1st antennular
segment, dorsal carina rather sharp, not extending posteriorly beyond orbital
hoods, base not abruptly delimited from adrostral furrows; carapace without
median tooth or tubercle on gastric region, without flattened teeth overhanging
posterior ends of adrostral furrows, anterior margin between rostrum and
orbital hood unarmed, somewhat incised near rostral margin, adrostral furrows moderately
deep; 2nd antennular segment about twice as long as wide; basal antennal
segment (basicerite) armed with small ventrolateral tooth not nearly reaching
level of tip of stylocerite; antennal scale with lateral margin variably
concave, distolateral spine stout, overreaching blade; 1st  pereopods with or without distal tooth on
inferior flexor margin of merus; major chela somewhat compressed, about 2 1/2nd
 times as long as wide, dactyl not
noticeably curved in longitudinal plane, not double-ended, having
well-developed plunger, palm with longitudinal groove but no carina near margin
proximal to fixed finger, with “saddle” proximal to adhesive plaque,
shoulder proximal thereto usually rounded, sometimes abrupt,








but not overhanging “saddle,” shoulder
proximal to fixed finger always well developed but varying from rounded to
angular; minor chela 3 to 4 3/4th  times as long as wide, dactyl subequal to palm
in length, strongly “balaeniceps” in male only; 2nd  pereopod with proximal carpal article 1 1/4th
 to 1 3/2nd  times as long as 2nd ; 3rd
 pereopod with dactyl pointed, simple,
propodus usually bearing about 10 spines on flexor margin, carpus not produced distally
at propodal articulation, merus unarmed, ischium usually bearing movable spine;
maximum carapace length to base of rostrum about 19 mm.




: A. lobidens species are
Edwarsii group, different synonyms are used for this species reported from
different parts of the world, but now the synonyms are not accepted.


description : De Haan, W. (1833-1850).
Crustacea. In: von Siebold, P.F., Fauna Japonica sive Descriptio
Animalium, quae in Itinere per Japoniam, Jussu et Auspiciis Superiorum, qui
Summum in India Batava Imperium Tenent, Suspecto, Annis 1823-1830 Collegit, Notis,
Observationibus et Adumbrationibus Illustravit. i-xxxi, ix-xvi,
1-243, Plates A-J, L-Q, 1-55. Lugduni-Batavorum.

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